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Please enjoy the following commercial interruptions.
Your favorite Virtual Season show will return in one week.

In 1971, a TV commercial for Coca-Cola was broadcast. Click on the link below to view it online:

In 1971, a TV show called Alias Smith and Jones debuted. A commercial for the show might have included the following lyrics:

I like to watch two TV stars
And give them all my love
Share cups of wine and happy times
And tell them they’re beloved.

I like to watch Heyes and Curry
In perfect harmony
I like to read about their lives
And keep them company

They’re the real thing

I like to watch Heyes and Curry
In perfect harmony
I like to read about their lives
And keep them company

They’re the real thing

What the world wants today
Alias Smith and Jones
Is the real thing

What the world wants today
Alias Smith and Jones
Is the real thing

Below are two nineteenth century advertisements for Coca – Cola:

Coca-Cola ad

1889 advertisement; source:

Another Coke ad

From a blog entry about pharmaceuticals in the nineteenth century; source:


In 1972, Old Spice broadcast a commercial, which can be viewed here:

The 1872 version might have gone like this:

Wake up!
Wake up with Old West
And feel the freshness
of the open plains

Wake up with Old West
Feel the sun on your face
And the wind at your back

Come on!
Wake up to the freshness
Of the open plains
With Old West

And get a super smooth shave
With Old West Shave Cream

An advertisement for Old West might have resembled this:

Shaving cream ad

1889 advertisement in a magazine; source:


In 1973, Star-Kist broadcast a commercial on TV; it can be seen here:

In 1873, perhaps the following advertisement for tea could be found in a newspaper:

Hey, boys, going on the straight and narrow?
Yes, it’s something nobody’d ever think of.
Ya see, bad guys with good ideas always do
Something nobody’d ever think of.


How’s that for a good idea, Governor?

But surely Amnestea isn’t for pretty bad good men with bad taste.
Amnestea is for pretty good bad men with good taste.

Sorry, boys.
Only pretty bad good men get to taste Amnestea from the Governor.
Good - tasting 100% Amnestea.

Mm, this IS good - tasting Amnestea.

Get the Governor’s Amnestea.

Note the name: Amnestea.

An Amnestea poster might have looked like this:

Amnestea product

Antique gunpowder tea crate; source:
Wanted poster template; source:

(This page created by Ghislaine Emrys.
Grateful thanks to BJ, who unwittingly gave her the idea for creating ASJ - themed commercials.)

(Writers love feedback! You can let Ghislaine know how you enjoyed the commercials with a quick comment. Just Post Reply - bottom right corner - to the Comments for ASJ-themed Commercials thread below the story. You don't have to sign in and you can be anonymous.)

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone.
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