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 ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys

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PostASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys


I have learned a great deal about late nineteenth century American history by delving further into that time period as a result of watching Alias Smith and Jones. The historical facts and features present in so many episodes, although problematic in some aspects, piqued my interest and have afforded me many hours of enjoyable research surfing the web for additional information. It is one of the reasons I enjoy the show so much. Of course, another reason is because the acting is wonderful! In fact, I admire the craft that went into producing the entire show. After watching each episode numerous times, I now find myself appreciating the little details as much as the actors and the plots.

My 40th anniversary tribute takes the form of a trivia quiz, so if you think you know a lot about Alias Smith and Jones, prove it by answering the questions below about the show! There is one question for each episode and the answers can be accessed by clicking on a link at the bottom of this page. For each correct response, give yourself a point and then click the link at the bottom of the Answers page to find out what you’ve won.

Good Luck!

1) In The Pilot, what time did Lom leave Porterville to go see the governor to ask about amnesty for Heyes and Curry?

2) How much was Mary Cunningham willing to pay Heyes and Curry in Exit from Wickenburg?

3) Who said this in The McCreedy Bust and to whom: “Grudges are for people with bad stomachs.”

4) Name one of the two Devil’s Hole boys Heyes said were killed in Wrong Train to Brimstone.

5) Did the first boxcar that Kid jumped into, after which he discovered Annabelle, really have the number 3 on it?

6) How many months had Grace spent in the Mineral Springs resort when she first met Heyes?

7) What’s the name of the song that is played in Return to Devil’s Hole?

8) How many diamonds did Heyes and Curry salt the diamond field with in A Fistful of Diamonds?

9) How much money does Clint Weaver offer Charlie Utley for Heyes and Curry?

10 ) Where does Julia Finney tell Heyes she comes from?

11) How much does Leslie tell Heyes and Curry the Army payroll is worth in The Root of it All?

12) How many times does Curry fiddle with the lantern when he’s in Helen’s room in The Fifth Victim?

13) Who said this in Journey From San Juan and to whom: “Nothing in life ever comes easy.”

14) In which episode does Heyes never wear a hat?

15) How much time does Alice spend with Charlie the night before he’s hung, in The Legacy of Charlie O’Rourke?

16) What does Wheat forget to bring with him to break the Kid out of jail in the second-season opener?

17) Name two of Harry Waggoner’s schemes that Heyes and Curry belittled.

18) How much was Heyes’ and Curry’s bail in Jailbreak at Junction City?

19) What’s the name of the town where Heyes and Curry first meet Danny Bilson and where was Seth’s gold mine located?

20) How many men were in the posse chasing Curry and Heyes in The Posse That Wouldn’t Quit?

21) What was the title of the book and in which chapter of it did Heyes read about fingerprints, in Something to Get Hung About?

22) How much does buffalo stew cost at the hotel in Apache Springs?

23) Who says, “You’re a little weird sometimes” and to whom, in Night of the Red Dog?

24) What was Curry’s losing hand when playing blackjack with Heyes as they guarded Harry and Molly in the desert prior to turning them in?

25) How much money does Curry, in his impersonation of a Southern gentleman, accept for his shares of Golden Meadows land?

26) How many stars are on the flag that Hayfoot raises in Shootout at Diablo Station?

27) Where did Joe Simms tell Heyes and Curry he was taking them because the sheriff in Hartsville didn’t seem to like black folks too much?

28) When, why and to whom does Kid say, “Sometimes I wonder if it’d really be so bad gettin’ caught”?

29) Where was the horse race that Mr. Hanley’s filly, Hyperion, won?

30) What reason did Heyes give Gant for robbing banks in Twenty-One Days to Tenstrike?

31) How much money does Big Mac agree to pay Heyes and Curry to get the head back from the well in West Bend?

32) In The Man Who Robbed the Bank at Red Gap, when Heyes says, “There’s one out there somewhere,” to what is he referring and to whom does he say it?

33) Heyes doesn’t want a fish from Harry Briscoe when he and Kid visit Denver. What is it that he does want from Harry?

34) Who had a soup-strainer in The Biggest Game in the West and what happened to it?

35) Why did Kid say he and Heyes probably only needed one-way tickets to Tombstone?

36) Who does Kid lose to when playing blackjack in Don’t Get Mad, Get Even?

37) On the train at the end of What’s in it for Mia, how does Charlotte describe the kisses she shared with Kid?

38) Where did Heyes get the Great Diamond Hunter from, in Bad Night in Big Butte?

39) When and why does Heyes say “Jesus” in The Long Chase?

40) How long does Kid say it usually takes someone to reload a Sharps rifle and at what distance does he say it is accurate up to?

41) In The McCreedy Feud, where does Senor Armendariz keep the Bust of Caesar?

42) How long was it after the robbery of the Bank of Red Gap that Heyes and Curry visited Clementine Hale in Colorado in The Clementine Ingredient?

43) What song is Heyes humming in the hotel room, right after the opening credits of Bushwhack!?

44) What was the law that Curry and Heyes broke in Buffalo, Wyoming, in What Happened at the XST?

45) Where was Amy Martin from, in The Ten Days that Shook Kid Curry?

46) In The Day the Amnesty Came Through, where was the hideout of the Red Sash Gang?

47) Where did Doc Donovan want the reward on Heyes and Curry to go, after he took them to the sheriff in The Strange Fate of Conrad Meyer Zulick?

48) What is McGuffin’s first name?

49) What does Dr. Snively’s Cure-Al cure?

50) In Only Three to a Bed, where is Piney Basin located?

See below for the Answers to the questions.

(Writers love feedback! You can tell Ghislaine how you enjoyed the story with a quick comment. Just click Post Reply for the Comments for the ASJ Trivia Quiz thread below the story.)

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone.

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ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys :: Comments

Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Wed 12 Mar 2014, 11:09 pm by royannahuggins

By Ghislaine Emrys

Each numbered answer corresponds to the question on the previous page. For each correct response, reward yourself with one point. Calculate the total number of points (remember: There’s a formula for everything!) and then click on the link at the bottom of this page to see what you have won. Click on the links included with many answers for additional information.

1) 7:15am, “first thing in the morning”

2) $50.00/month each; according to one website (, that amount is equal to $1097.65 in 2009 US dollars

3) Heyes to Big Mac, in the saloon when he and Curry are trying to get a drink

4) Henry Maxwell Jenkins was one and the other man was unnamed

5) No, it was the third boxcar behind the engine car of the train

6) Twelve; she tells Heyes she went there a year ago after her husband died

7) Take a Look Around, by David Shire and Tim Maltby, and sung by Tim Morgon

8) Twenty-one

9) Ten percent or two thousand dollars

10 ) Boston; this is what the city looked like in 1880:

11) $100,000 in real money, not Confederate play money; for images and information about Confederate currency, visit this website:

12) Two; first he turns it up when he asks her a question, then he turns it down when he says, “It’s no trouble at all.”

13) Heyes says it to Blanche

14) Never Trust an Honest Man

15) About four hours, playing the guitar and singing ballads such as The Streets of Laredo to him

16) Finesse, according to Kyle

17) Holding the President for ransom and blowing up the Denver Mint; for more about the Denver Mint, visit the official website:

18) Heyes’ bail was $8.12 and Curry’s was $12.21

19) Stockton, on the 4th of July was where they all met and the gold mine was in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains across the desert; interestingly, Google Maps only lists one Stockton, in California, yet the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are located in Colorado and New Mexico; here’s a link:

20) According to Kid, thirteen

21) Chapter 31 in Life on the Mississippi, by that fella with an alias who wasn’t wanted for anything, Mark Twain; here’s a link to an online version of the chapter (scroll down about halfway to see the relevant section about fingerprints):

22) Twenty cents; nowadays, ground buffalo meat costs about $7.99/pound

23) Kid says it to Heyes when Heyes uses the rubber tube on him to prove Curry didn’t steal their money; read about the history of the stethoscope here:

24) Curry had sixteen and Heyes had seventeen

25) Eight dollars an acre

26) Thirty-eight; this flag was used from 1877 – 1890 but the flag used in the episode is not the same design as that of the real historical American flag of the same period; here’s a link to a picture of the real one:

27) Carbondale

28) At the beginning of Everything Else You Can Steal, Curry says this to Heyes as the boys are letting their horses have a drink and he decides that being locked up would mean that for twenty years he wouldn’t have to climb into a saddle and ride a horse

29) Yuma, Arizona; here’s information about the history of the city:

30) “That’s where the money was kept.” Attributed to Willie Sutton, notorious bank robber, it is questionable as to whether he actually said that, although this online biography maintains that he did:

31) Four hundred dollars apiece

32) He’s referring to a scheme that will extricate him and Kid from Chester B. Powers and he makes the remark to Kid as they ride in a train boxcar

33) A favor—to find out what happened to the Tapscotts

34) Heyes had a mustache that he referred to as a soup-strainer, but he shaved it off because he said it looked sinister

35) He was afraid that Wyatt Earp, the marshal there, would recognize and capture them

36) Georgette “George” Sinclair

37) She says, “It was very exciting kissing you.”

38) The Denver Zoo, the only place in this hemisphere where Heyes could obtain one; here’s a link to the real Denver Zoo:

39) Heyes is bending over Kid’s body after Kid fell from the train and Heyes thinks Kid is dead

40) Five seconds to reload and up to one thousand yards; for a short history on the Sharps rifle and its impact, read this article:

41) On a pedestal directly opposite the main entrance of the hacienda

42) Three months, according to Heyes when he’s proposing the deal to the leader of the Denver citizens group who’s attempting to capture Heyes and Curry

43) Simple Gifts; watch a short video about the song and the Shakers here:

44) According to the deputy sheriffs, “No weapon, concealed or otherwise, can be carried in any town, city, or village,” which is interesting because Tombstone, Arizona, had the same town ordinance when the Earps were the law there

45) Boston, just like Julia Finney; his other lady friends, Grace Turner and Leslie O’Hara, were from Philadelphia

46) Governor Baxter said it was in the Little Big Horns. In reality, the Bighorn Mountains are located in northern Wyoming; here’s a link:

47) To the Sisters of Charity; here is a link to a book about them: (This website does not open in a new window so click the Back button to return to the Answers page)

48) Tom

49) Alcoholism. The directions are to “take one full bottle every other day;" the concoction is made of 55% herbs and the juice of flowers and 45% alcohol

50) Montana--although the scenery looks suspiciously like that around Moab, Utah! Tisdale explains to Brock and the boys that “here in Montana we have something called the ‘courtesy of the range’” when they bring Tisdale’s son back to his ranch; this is explained in an excerpt from The War on Powder River, at

Click HERE to see what Prize you have won!

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Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Wed 12 Mar 2014, 11:21 pm by royannahuggins
By Ghislaine Emrys

Check below to find out if you are good enough--or bad enough!--to join the Devil’s Hole Gang.

Work hard and prove yourself, and you may even be allowed on a job with Heyes and Curry themselves!

0 - 9 Correct Answers Wins:

Sorry, friend; you need to try harder if there’s gonna be a Wanted poster out on you, too.


10 - 18 Correct Answers Wins:

Contributions to the gang are always welcome, but you're on probation until you prove yourself on a job.


19 - 27 Correct Answers Wins:

Paying attention to details will pay off and you'll soon be rewarded with more responsibility in the gang.


28 - 35 Correct Answers Wins:

Volunteer to do the dirty work and you’ll make a friend of the Kid.


36 - 43 Correct Answers Wins:

The vibrations are in your favor and the leaders of the gang have taken notice of your unique abilities.


44 - 50 Correct Answers Wins:

Hats off to you, you're a bona fide member of the Devil’s Hole Gang!
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:28 am by royannahuggins
GHISLAINE EMRYS - I hope readers have as much fun answering the questions as I did creating them! Feel free to post a comment on this page or on any of the other pages that comprise this fan tribute. Thanks!
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:28 am by royannahuggins
NM131 - The quiz was a lot of fun! Much to my chagrin, I only scored a 43 - I'll have to watch the episodes again and study harder. I need to be a bona fide member of the Devil's Hole Gang. The answers, links and prize pages were entertaining as well. Your research and thoroughness are much appreciated. You included a trick question though, I was wracking my brain for a name that didn't exist but I wasn't confident enough to insist (I didn't give myself the point so maybe I SHOULD be a member of the DHG!)
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:29 am by royannahuggins
GHISLAINE EMRYS - Based on your comment, nm131, I went and revised the question. So now your answer would generate one point and you can consider yourself a member in good standing of the Devil's Hole Gang! Congrats!
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:29 am by royannahuggins
I had fun guessing. Not well enough though since I only scored enough points to be on probation. Thanks for the interesting quiz and website links. I'll get crackin' on my ASJ viewin' with an eye to details and off the handsome partners. Yeah, right, who am I kidding, the dark, dimpled one is mesmerizing.
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:29 am by royannahuggins
Allegra here. Truly excellent and well thought out quiz and I was utterly rubbish at it. I definately need to watch the shows again - lots of " know that one really" going on but not enough results. So now I'll have to try and get the leader's attention in other ways. :-)

Great fun Ghislaine!!
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:29 am by royannahuggins
The quiz was loads of fun. Thanks for the hard work and the additional info on the links. I really tanked on the Davis episode questions. I guess they require more attention in the future. - Sky
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:30 am by royannahuggins
REMUDA - Fun quiz, Ghislaine! You obviously did your research! Lots of fun!
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:30 am by royannahuggins
This quiz was absolutely delicious! Lots of work obviously went into making it (had to watch all those episodes again, drudgery, drudgery). The answers, associated links, and prizes were all fun, too. Wish I could say my score was higher - next time how about asking things like how long it takes to get to Tenstrike? Goldie
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:30 am by royannahuggins
SILVERKELPIE - Yay! I finally finish working until 22.30 and at weekends and had a go at the quiz. I'm too ashamed to say how badly I did! I've decided to punish myself with an intensive course of DVD watching to bone up. I must have been distracted by something when I've watched them before. Can't think what though..........
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Sat 15 Mar 2014, 1:30 am by royannahuggins
Ghislaine - clapping all your hard work here. And the prizes - chortle...
Nah - I crashed and burned.
Re: ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys
Post on Fri 21 Oct 2016, 3:20 am by G
Didn't do too well but it was fun. Thanks.

ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys

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