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 Virtual Season 2015

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PostVirtual Season 2015

Welcome to
Virtual Season 2015!

The Importance of Being Ernest - a Calico-McCoy Production
Whether being loquacious or just plain annoyin’, Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry are about to find out The Importance of Being Earnest – A Calico-McCoy Production.

Dustbowl by moonshadow and Ty Pender
Short on cash, as usual, Heyes and Curry jump at the opportunity to accept what promises to be a well-paying and uncomplicated job offer from their old friend, Lom Trevors. However, the pair soon has reason to regret their haste when they discover that the job proves to be anything but simple.

The Accomplice by Penski
Has Kid Curry back-slid into a life of crime?  Has Hannibal Heyes betrayed his partner’s trust?

Faith in Your Friend by Maz McCoy
Kid Curry is in big trouble. Will a little faith in his friend be enough to get him out? Find out in Maz McCoy’s- Faith in your Friend.

Medicine Show by Inside Outlaw
Will hard work, honesty, and clean living win out over con games, pick-pocketing, and snake oil hawkin’? Find out in InsideOutlaw’s – Medicine Show.

A Picture's Worth--Twenty Thousand by Grace R. Williams
The Denver National Bank has been robbed!  Heyes, Curry, and their old friend, Clementine Hale, scramble to reclaim one very special picture.  And in the case of this particular photograph, A Picture's Worth--Twenty Thousand - by Grace R. Williams.

A Tight Spot by Maz McCoy
Will this be the day they hang Kid Curry?  Let’s hope Hannibal Heyes can come up with a plan to get his partner out of A Tight Spot – by Maz McCoy.

Conjugal Bliss by Calico
Clementine Hale needs a man, and she knows just where to find two of 'em!  Enjoy the matrimonial mayhem in Calico's – Conjugal Bliss!

The King of Hearts and His Joker by C. D. Roberts
Heyes and Curry are two of a kind working in a full house, in CD Roberts' - The King of Hearts and His Joker.

Shadow in the Night by Little Bluestem
If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? One really bright little school gal decides to call Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry! Find out what kind of help she needs from our two favorite reforming outlaws in, A Shadow in the Night by Little Bluestem.

The Race by Hanna Heyes
And they're off! Hannibal Heyes has his sights set on second place, but can Kid Curry keep his partner from becoming a 10,000 dollar prize? Place your bets and check out the action in HannaHeyes' - The Race.

The Eclipse by Ty Pender and CD Roberts
The sun and the moon are planning a rendezvous. Our favorite stars, Heyes and Curry, collide with a cast full of historic characters in Ty Pender and CD Roberts' Eclipse.

It's No Big Deal - a Calico-McCoy Production
Life seems to have dealt Dan and Ellen Loomis a losing hand, but maybe a chance meeting with Heyes and Curry will change their luck. Find out, in the Calico/McCoy episode – It’s No Big Deal.

That's a wrap to the 2015 Virtual Season!  

As the Executive Producer of VS, I want to thank this season's writers:  Calico, Maz McCoy, Ty Pender, moonshadow,  Penski, Inside Outlaw, Grace R WIlliams, CD Roberts, Little BlueStem, and Hanna Heyes.  Writing in the VS format and pleasing the producers is not an easy task, but this season went together without any apparent problems.  Thank you so much for your time, talent, cleverness, and willingness to compromise to "air" a wonderful "episode" of a show we all loved!  

I want to thank the producers:  Sister Grace, Ghislaine, moonshadow and JoAnn.  Real life got busy for all of you and yet you made the time to beta-read the stories.  It's time and commitment on your part and realizing you're comments or suggests may not make you popular with your peers.  Special recognition goes to Sister Grace for the witty snippets and blurbs.  Thank you for all your hard work!  

And I want to thank the reader, especially those that commented on the stories.  Writers thrive on feedback, even if it's a "good story" and a thumbs up smilie.  Most of you know how discouraging it is when you know folks are reading, but not commenting.  So to the readers who enjoyed the stories, especially those who took the time and effort to comment, thank you!  

Hoping 2016 VS will go as smooth with a few more stories for the season.  Get out your pen and start writing... never too soon to get a story ready for the season!  Hopefully we can get an earlier start next year.

Thanks to all... and good night!

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone.
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Virtual Season 2015

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