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 Virtual Season Stories prior to 2008

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PostVirtual Season Stories prior to 2008

The site where these earlier stories were posted has been deleted from the internet. The authors of the stories here have kindly given their permission for us to post them for you to read. If you have written one of these stories or know someone who has, and would like the story posted, please send a PM to CD Roberts or Penski with contact information.

Virtual Season 3 Episodes (2004/2005)

3.1  Double Jeopardy by JoAnn Baker
Heyes and Curry ride into a small California town where Heyes is immediately recognized -- as the son of a wealthy railroad baron.

3.2  This Cell Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us by Leah Anders
It’s up to Curry and Kyle to save the day when Heyes tries to help the Devil’s Hole Gang.

3.3  Never Get Involved in Another Man's Feud by Dusty Boots
Heyes and Curry get involved in an unusual feud.

3.4  Ask for Whom the Bell Tolls by Kate Ashe
When a young man wants to leave the farm, Thaddeus Jones finds he’s unable to leave town!

3.5  Uncle Mac by Drena Hills
Heyes and Curry return to help Big Mac only to have Curry kidnapped while posing as McCreedy's nephew.

3.6  If You Can't Trust a Lawman, Who Can You Trust? by Leah Anders
Thanksgiving Day takes on new meaning when the two outlaws try to conceal their identities with a little help from an unlikely ally.

3.7  Quarantine by JoAnn Baker and Dusty Boots
Heyes and Curry are stuck in a small town under quarantine.

3.8  A Question of Loyalty by Sally Wheaton
When Heyes and Curry meet up with an old friend, loyalty is the last thing on his mind.

3.9  The View From Knightsgate by Susanna Leslie
While resting up between jobs, Heyes loses his heart to a beautiful business woman and Curry meets his drawing equal.

3.10  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Drena Hills
Heyes and Curry come to the rescue when the railroad moves to evict families at Christmas.

3.11  Hell and High Water: Part One - Hell by Kate Ashe
When Heyes fails to arrive and keep their rendezvous, Kid Curry is torn between waiting and searching.

3.12  Hell and High Water: Part Two - High Water by Kate Ashe
Retribution is a dish best served - hot or cold!

3.13  The Search for J. Wesley by Sally Wheaton
When Heyes sees trouble where there isn’t any, it leads Curry into a dangerous gunfight.

3.14  Playing for Keeps by Leah Anders
There’s a lot more at stake than just money in this poker game. Will Heyes and Curry end up the big losers?

3.15  You Don't Bring Me Diamonds by Sally Wheaton
Heyes and Curry unwittingly become involved with a diamond.

3.16  A Difficult Delivery by Kate Ashe
When Curry persuades Heyes to undertake a delivery job, they get a good deal more than they bargained for!

3.17  The End of the Road? by Sally Wheaton
Boxed in and surrounded, Heyes and Curry are in trouble.

3.18  Alias Hannibal Heyes by JoAnn Baker
A strange turn of events has Heyes trying to prove he really is Hannibal Heyes.

3.19  Heroes by Sally Wheaton
When Heyes and Curry do a good deed, the last thing they want is for the whole town to celebrate.

3.20  Forget Me Not by Leah Anders
Heyes and Curry have known each other practically all their lives. When an accident separates them in more than distance, will Kid be able to bring Heyes back to where he belongs?

Virtual Season 4 (2005/2006)

4.1  Every Man Has His Price by Sally Wheaton
Heyes has every reason to be angry when he is turned in to the law - by someone he'd never doubted.

4.2  How I Survived Christmas by Leah Anders
With Christmas right around the corner, Kid becomes ill and fights for his life while Heyes must find out the identity of a mysterious man who appears to be watching them.

4.3  Odds and Ends by JoAnn Baker
Heyes and Curry take jobs in separate towns with very different outcomes.

4.4  The Tracker by Anita Sanchez
A posse is hot on Kid Curry's trail...and Heyes is desperate to find him first.

4.5  Something About the Way You Look by Sally Wheaton
Heyes and Curry are once again held responsible for a bank robbery - or are they?

4.6  Who Didn't by Drena Hills
Curry and Heyes find themselves owners of a stagecoach line that has a deadly effect on its passengers.

4.7  Make No Mistake by moonshadow
When the two plan to meet up in a quiet town, a strange turn of events leads Curry to be accused of an unthinkable murder.

4.8  Did You See What I Saw? by Sally Wheaton
When Heyes and Curry witness a murder, the sheriff expects them to stay in town and testify in court.

4.9  Familiar Faces by Leah Anders
An old adversary shows up when he’s least expected and reveals the true identities of Heyes and Curry with unexpected results..

4.10  Once More Into the Breach by Kate Ashe
The last thing Smith and Jones should do was undertake another job with Abigail Lovern. But, against their better judgement, they do!

4.11  Bleeding Kansas by Anita Sanchez
When Heyes and Kid return to their childhood home of Kansas, they find that confronting the past can be more dangerous than they realized.

4.12  As Safe As Safe Can Be by Sally Wheaton
After completing a delivery job, Heyes and Curry are reluctant to leave town without being paid.

4.13  A Foreign Country by Kate Ashe
On the run and heading for Devil’s Hole, Heyes and Curry appear to have abandoned their quest for amnesty.

Robbery on the Three-ten to Boulder by JoAnn Baker

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone.
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Virtual Season Stories prior to 2008

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