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Following on from Amnesty: The Final Play, the boys are settling into their new lives in Porterville. They have every intention of moving on when Lom considers it safe but for now they are just taking it one day at a time.

There are three stories about this. This is the first - the other two I'll post separately. Then I won't post anymore for a while - have to go back to work next week!

Please let me know what you think - good or bad. And it looks like I've found the trick with the spacing!

Celebratory Pie


“Howdy, Heyes,” the Kid said, wearily, as he came in from work. He dropped his hat on the table.

Heyes looked round and smiled. “Hey, Kid. Good day?”

“Heyes it’s never a good day!” The Kid sat down at the table and put his head in his hands. He yawned loudly. “I never want to see what comes out of the back of a horse ever again!”

Heyes finished peeling the potato, dropped it and the knife into the water and dried his hands. He looked round again. The Kid had dropped his head onto his arms onto the table. Heyes pursed his lips in sympathy. The Kid had the worse bargain in all this going straight business.

“Never mind, Kid. I’ve got something that might cheer you up,” he said, mildly, crossing the room to the dresser. He picked up a book and put it down in front of the Kid. He winced as the Kid sat up and picked up the book.

“You been spending your hard earned money on books again?”

“Not just any book. This is a special book!” Heyes stood back, beaming.

 The Kid glared at him. He looked at the book. “Special? What’s special about it?” He peered at the spine. “American Science?” This was a prestigious academic journal that he knew Heyes liked to read when he could get hold of it.

“Page 112,” beamed Heyes.

The Kid frowned and leafed through until he found page 112. He blinked and started to read aloud. “The Mechanics of Robbery.” He cleared his throat. “This method of blowing a safe was invented by the notorious outlaw …...Hannibal Heyes?”

He looked at Heyes who was now smiling smugly. He motioned for the Kid to continue.

“…. When he and his partner, Kid Curry …...” The Kid’s eyes were now out on stalks.

 “… robbed the Merchant’s Bank in Denver, Colorado, June 1879. (Both men are currently still at large. 1882)” He looked at Heyes again. “Is this …?”

Heyes nodded and motioned for the Kid to continue. He was leaning on the table with one hand, the other resting on his hip, inspecting the ceiling.

“It should be noted in particular for its ingenious use of nitro glycerine as the propellant, coupled with the creation of a vacuum. … that’s what I was doing with all that pumping! …to enhance the explosive properties. It should also be noted that this method makes very little sound, making it ideal for use in bank robbery!”

The Kid laughed. “Heyes! You’ve got us into print but in a good way!” Then he reconsidered. “Sorta”

Heyes chuckled and took the book from him. “Yeah. Something to be proud of Kid.” He cleared his throat. “Sorta.” He put the book back on the table. “See it goes on to describe exactly how I done it. Step by step.”

The Kid grinned, and then sat back looking serious.

“Wait a minute! Supposing somebody tries it? We’d get the blame!” The Kid pointed a thumb at his chest.

Heyes sniffed and took back the book. “Not necessarily. It’s in the book, Kid” He tapped the pages. “Don’t see how they could pin it on us if it’s in a published book!”

The Kid looked doubtful. “I’m not sure I want to risk it, Heyes. Just so that you can see your name in print.”

Heyes spluttered. “Your name’s in print too!” He stabbed a finger on the Kid’s name. “And besides ….,” he said, irritably. “How many outlaws do you know that read American Science? Huh?”

“Just the one.”

Heyes beamed and folded his arms. “Just me, right?”

“Yeah!” The Kid still looked doubtful. “Just you, Heyes.” The Kid stifled a yawn. “Oh, I sure am beat tonight!” He closed his eyes.

Heyes patted him on the shoulder.

“Go and have a nap. I’m fixing a celebratory dinner!”

The Kid opened his eyes in horror. “What?”

“I’m making a pie,” Heyes beamed.

“What sorta pie?” The Kid was immediately suspicious.

“A celebratory pie!”

Heyes went back to the sink and began peeling potatoes again.

“What’s in this celebratory pie?”

“Oh lots of things.” Heyes assured him. He nodded with a cheerful smile.


Heyes shrugged. “Vegetables. Potatoes.” He held one up, with a grin.

“No meat?” the Kid, queried. “I do a hard job. I need meat!”

Heyes looked at him and frowned. “No. I forgot the meat,” he winced.

The Kid widened his eyes. He slapped his hand on his hat and scrapped back his chair. “Right that’s it then.”

“Where are you going?”

“To Rosie’s café. Where they serve pies too. Only with meat in them!” He wrenched open the door. “Coming? Or am I eating alone?”

Heyes hesitated for a second and then he reached for his hat. “Yep.” He joined the Kid at the door.

“Who’s buying?”

“You are.”


“It’s your celebration.”

Heyes grunted and shrugged.
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