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 New story by Cal

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New story by Cal Empty
PostSubject: New story by Cal   New story by Cal Icon_minitimeSat 27 Feb 2016, 4:01 pm

A new tale of adventure, near scrapes and HH genius planning...

Den of theives
by Cal

A two part adventure set in Tunnel Junction, home to a large thriving population of migrant Chinese rail-road workers, their gambling halls and their opium dens. Set in the time of the Tong wars (1880s) and a time of abundant import of opium through California. Opium was seen as a cue-all and a panacea, though its addictive qualities were becoming well known.

Heyes and Curry are delivering letters for Colonel Harper when they spot a posse chasing a gang out of Tunnel Junction in the pale light of dawn...

Both parts are posted on the Stories site under the Stories by Cal...General stories thread gun

Hope you enjoy
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New story by Cal
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