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 Virtual Season 2016

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PostVirtual Season 2016

Welcome to
Virtual Season 2016!

Power of the Press by Maz McCoy
Is the pen mightier than the sword?  Heyes and Curry find out in Maz McCoy's - Power of the Press.

Alias Joshua Smith by Rosie Annie
Will Heyes and Curry find family and fortune?

Water the Chances? Part 1 by moonshadow
What are the chances that things could go Heyes' and Kid's way, just for once, when the pair make plans to enjoy a nice, relaxing visit with their old friend, Jim Stokely?

Mistaken Identity by Penski
A case of mistaken identity becomes even more complicated when Heyes disappears suddenly without a trace and Kid Curry is blackmailed and coerced into a murderous plot.

Fake or Fortune? by MoulinP
What could possibly go wrong guarding a valuable statue for a friend of the governor’s?  Plenty if it’s Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry.

The Cold Hard Truth by Inside Outlaw
Heyes and Kid find themselves stuck in a town in the middle of a blizzard and broke. Forced to take the only jobs available, the pair soon find themselves embroiled in a battle between the townspeople and the Chinese.

That's a wrap to the 2016 Virtual Season!  

As the Executive Producer of VS, I want to thank this season's writers:   Maz McCoy, Rosie Annie, moonshadow,  Penski, Moulin P, and  Inside Outlaw.  Writing in the VS format and pleasing the producers is not an easy task.  Thank you so much for your time, talent, cleverness, and willingness to compromise to "air" a wonderful "episode" of a show we all loved!  

I want to thank the producers:  Sister Grace and moonshadow.  It's time and commitment on your part and realizing your comments or suggests may not make you popular with your peers.  Thank you for all your hard work!  

And I want to thank the reader, especially those that commented on the stories.  Writers thrive on feedback, even if it's a "good story" and a thumbs up smilie.  Most of you know how discouraging it is when you know folks are reading, but not commenting.  So to the readers who enjoyed the stories, especially those who took the time and effort to comment, thank you!  

Hoping 2017 VS will go smoother with more stories for the season.  Get out your pen and start writing... never too soon to get a story ready for the season!  We’re hoping to start the next season in January or February.

Thanks to all... and good night!

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone.
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Virtual Season 2016

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