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Monthly Challenge Stories - ASJ Fan Fiction

February 2009 - No Love Lost
The first story I wrote. Han's and Jed's lives drastically change on a summer day.

March 2009 - Bad Things Happen When We Separate
Han wonders if Jed would be better off without him.

April 2009 - Fool Me Once...
Jed's tired of being Silky's goat one too many times.

May 2009 - A(n)other Hard Lesson
Jed's 17 and Heyes has plans for a fun evening, but even a Heyes' plan can go wrong. This story actually comes before Fool Me Once...

June 2009 - Starter Paragraph
Heyes and Jed are on their own again, but struggle with life and each other.

July 2009 - Independence
Heyes and Jed are independent...of each other.

August 2009 - Stand Off
Jed has a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad 19th birthday.

September 2009 - As the old Proverb says...
Thieves steal from thieves? Heyes learns a valuable lesson.

October 2009 - Haunted
Thoughts of Jed haunt Heyes.

November 2009 - Counting Blessings
Heyes is looking for Jed, but what he finds is trouble. Thank goodness blessings come in the form of his cousin, Kid Curry.

December 2009 - Glad Tidings
Han and Jed are on their own when Jed gets sick. Han's asked to do
something he doesn't want to do, but blessings happen from it.

January 2010 - Temptation
A bit from a longer story I'm writing called The Storm.
A deputy recognizes Heyes & Kid, tempting the farmer to turn them in. But an injured Heyes wrestles with his own thoughts.

February 2010 - "I Fold" Starter Paragraph
What would make Heyes fold with a royal flush in his hands and a $25,000 pot?

March 2010 - Telling Tales
The gang is telling tales around the campfire wondering if their leader was coming back.

April 2010 - Betrayal
It takes a Heyes' plan to get them outta trouble when a gal wants the reward along with a romp with the Kid.

May 2010 - Crossover
Heyes and the Kid are near Virginia City when they come across a hurt Little Joe. Will Ben Cartwright turn them in?

June 2010 - Bad Thing Happened to Us in Wichita
When guessing who is Harry might be, Heyes asks if they know him from a bad thing that happened to them in Wichita. Kid remembers what happened.

July 2010 - Almost...Since Our Childhood
Clementine Hale tells how she got to know Heyes and the Kid...and how the famous picture was taken.

August 2010 - Dead Ringer
Kid Curry is dead! Heyes and Lom go to identify the body and, yep, if it's not the Kid, it's a dead ringer for him.

September 2010 - Murphy's Law of Combat
Using Murphy's Law of Combat, the Devil's Hole Gang escapes from a posse.

October 2010 - A Dark and Stormy Night...
Heyes and the Kid are in the Sierra and encounter a beast!

November 2010 - Horse(s)
Running from a posse, one of the horses turns lame. Will they escape?

December 2010 - Snow
A bounty hunter is after Heyes and Curry. So why are they
taking the time to make snowmen?

January 2011 - Resolution
Governor Warren is about to leave office and cleaning up loose ends. Is one of those "loose ends" an amnesty?

February 2011 - Invitation
Heyes gets an invitation to join Big Jim Santana and his gang.

March 2011 - Secrets
Someone in the Devil's Hole Gang had a secret life. Can you guess who?

April 2011 - Hats
Why did Kid get a new hat and why didn't Heyes?

May 2011 - Calling the Bluff
A desperate Han goes to extreme measure to care for himself and his younger cousin.

June 2011 - Hopping Train
Jed finds out that hopping trains is not for the faint of heart - takes
place after the Starter Paragraph challenge.

July 2011 - Consequences
Heyes learns there are consequences to his actions... follows Calling the Bluff.

August 2011 - Denver is a likeable town...
After 15 years in the Wyoming Territorial Prison, Heyes and Curry decide Denver is a likeable town... (complete with pictures of WTP)

September 2011 - Authentic Experience
A little boy finds out that the authentic experience of a train robbery ain't nothing like what the dime novels says.

October 2011 - Fall
Heyes and Kid are being followed as they meet Lom, who takes a fall from grace.

November 2011 - A Matter of Honor
Lom reminds the governor about a certain matter of honor...

December 2011 - Midnight
Heyes and Kid are frustrated about the delays in amnesty and giving it up until a midnight visitor (is it Clarence... no Grandpa Curry) comes and sets them straight again.

January 2012 - Wise Men
Smith gives words of advice to a few bumbling bank robbers.

February 2012 - Golden
Smith and Jones meet four "golden girls" on a stagecoach... If only they can get off soon.

March 2012 - Making the Leap
After a relentless posse Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry discuss the possibility of trying for amnesty.

April 2012 - Eggs
Where did all that stolen money go? Certainly not in a 'nest egg'.

May 2012 - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Han and Jed help out the Hamilton children, so why does Jed have to break Han out of jail?

June 2012 - Diamond(s)
How exactly did Heyes and Jed bump into Silky O'Sullivan, Soapy and Jenny?

July 2012 - Torch(es)
Han and Jed are running from a posse of men with torches.

August 2012 - A Sporting Chance
The Kid gives Harry Longabaugh a sporting chance at winning the "Falling Plates" shooting contest.

September 2012 - Defensive Position
An "ideer" from Kyle saves the gang from a relentless posse.

October 2012 - A Twist in the Tale
Kid Curry's hurt and confused. Is that Heyes... or Bilson?

November 2012 - Democratic Process
How Heyes became the leader of the Devil's Hole Gang.

December 2012 - "Five Years Earlier...
A young Jed remember a Christmas five years earlier.

January 2013 - Bounty
Why was their bounty so high... and why 'Dead or Alive'?

February 2013 - Hearts
When Heyes and Curry have to kill, it's like it splinters the heart, piece by piece.

March 2013 - March
March's weather can come in like a lamb and out like a lion.

April 2013 - These Foolish Things
The governor is regretting he promised that foolish amnesty deal with Heyes and Curry.

May 2013 - Maybe
Maybe they got amnesty... Maybe Heyes won't die.

June 2013 - "I'm Outta Here"
The Kid has had enough.

July 2013 - Lying in Wait
The Devil's Hole Gang is lying in wait for a train.
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