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 The Fall of All

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CD Roberts

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PostThe Fall of All

“We could get jobs in town. That livery needs someone to muck out the stables, and the general store wants a boy to sweep the floors, and carry sacks and such.”

“Uh huh, we could. It’d be hard work, though,” Hannibal Heyes grinned at his friend. He stretched, and then reached around his back with one arm to scratch it.

“Well, yeah, but we need the money. We gotta eat, somehow, Heyes.  We haven’t had many full meals since we left Valparaiso,” Jed Curry commented, ruefully.

The two youths walked lazily side by side drifting from the road outside town. It was a crisp, clear morning, and they meandered towards a stream.

“I dunno do you really want to work in a livery or a general store?”


They laughed at Jed’s quick and succinct response.

“It’d be something, though, and we’d get some money.”

Heyes gave Jed a meaningful glance at this statement.

Jed quickly corrected himself. “Not much money, I know, and it would be hard work…” His voice trailed off. He drew lines in the dirt with his foot. He stopped and drew himself up. “I’m hungry. We haven’t even had breakfast yet.”

“Well, let’s get some then,” Heyes responded breezily, and took off at a rapid pace. Jed followed.

Being young, and in good condition, it didn’t take long before they arrived at a fence bordering a local farm. Near the fence, was an apple tree, bursting with ripe, fragrant fruit.

They crouched behind a bush alongside the fence.

“Heyes, did you notice,” Jed paused, “did you see that cash box in the general store?”

“I was wondering if you were gonna mention it.” Heyes grinned again, a broad grin that nearly filled his face. “Did you notice that when the store owner goes to the back of the store to help someone, no one’s watching it?” He changed the subject. “Jed, do you see anyone out and about?”

“Nope. They must be in the house or the barn.” The two boys shared conspiratorial looks. They jumped the fence, ran to the tree, and each one squirreled away as much fruit as possible. Then they hurried over the fence again, and ran until they were out of sight from the farmhouse. Panting, they looked for a shady spot to enjoy their meal.
“You know, Jed, I figure a tree like that is just asking for someone to pick its apples.”

“Yep, if those folks were smart, they woulda harvested it before we got to it,” Jed said, knowingly.

“Yep, but they didn’t, and that sure was some temptation.”  Heyes glanced up from rubbing an apple on his trouser leg, with a sly smile.

“Sure was.” Jed laid out his apples, largest to smallest. He picked up the largest.

“You know, with no one watching that cash box, well, it’s just like asking someone to take the money.”

“I think you got a point, Heyes.”

“Sure I do. I mean it isn’t right for folks to be leaving things like that out. They’re just too much of a temptation.”

The two shared another knowing look, and bit into their apples.
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The Fall of All

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