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Why did Kid get a new hat and why didn't Heyes?

Wheat, Kyle, Heyes and the Kid boarded the train in Red Rock, Montana, anxious to get far from the forgiving judge before he changed his mind and arrested them.

“Wonder why Silky’s so upset. The plan worked,” Heyes mumbled as they walked in the car.

“Maybe the bein’ in jail. That wasn’t part of the plan.”

“Yeah, that was the fool-proof part of the plan. Can’t figure what went wrong.” Heyes furrowed his brow.

“Are you gonna sit by us?” Kyle asked enthused as he stowed his bag under his seat.

Heyes and the Kid gave each other a quick look, shrugged their shoulders, and sat down with their former gang members.

Wheat bent closer to the men sitting across from him and whispered, “Are you sure you don’t wanna rob this train – just for old time sake?”

Blue eyes glared back at him. “What did we tell you earlier?”

“Okay… Okay… Don’t hurt to make sure.” Wheat leaned back in his seat and pouted as he fixed his eyes out of the window.

The miles slowly past with no one saying much. Most of the people got off at the next larger town, leaving just a few people on the train car.

“Kid, you gotta new hat,” Kyle commented, breaking the silence.

“Kyle, keep it down!” rebuked the Kid as Heyes turned around nonchalantly to see if anyone overheard. The other passengers were sleeping or talking amongst themselves and did not appear to hear Kyle’s slip of the name.

“What happened to your old one?”

Kid looked toward Heyes. “Got shot off, didn’t it?”

Heyes glared back at his partner.

“And it looks like yours took a bullet, too, Heyes, right in the front there,” Wheat added. “What happened?”

“Go ahead,” gloated Kid. “Tell ‘em what happened. How you messed up.”

Heyes shook his head. “No. We don’t have to talk about that again.”

“Yeah, Heyes, I wanna hear,” Kyle encouraged him.

“Heyes messed up? This I gotta hear!” Wheat leaned forward and gave the former leader his full attention.

“No, really…”

“Come on, Heyes. If you don’t, I will.”

Heyes rolled his eyes. Seeing he wasn’t going to get out of telling the story, he began, “Well, …”

“Me and Kid were making our way north from Arizona…”

“Yeah. You remember Charlie O’Rourke? We seen him down there, just before he got hung,” Curry interrupted.

Wheat rubbed his chin. “Charlie O’Rouke? Skinny guy with dark hair and a full beard?”

“That’s the one.” Kid nodded his head.

“Hung? Why’d he get hung?” Kyle asked.

“He was involved in a gold heist and some of the posse was killed,” Heyes quickly explain before going back to the story. “Anyway, we were going north…”

“What happened to the rest of the gang Charlie was in?” Wheat inquired.

“They were killed. Charlie figured he was gonna hang no matter what because of some of the posse being killed.” Heyes’ patience was wearing thin. “Back to what happened to us…”

* < > * < > *

Heyes and the Kid made their way north from the hot Arizona desert to the cooler mountains of Colorado. They came at a fork in the road – one trail led them lower in elevation and towards a town while the other led them higher on a ridge. Heyes immediately took the lower road.

“Hey, where are you goin’?” asked the Kid as he stopped.

“This way.”

“Why that way and not this way?” Curry pointed up to the ridge.

Heyes stopped and turned in his saddle. “Because there’s a town this way.”

“Ain’t we gonna talk about it?”

“What’s there to talk about?” asked Heyes. “A game of poker and a bed sound good to me.”

“What’s the name of the town?”

“I dunno. What’s it matter?”

Kid pushed his hat up higher on the head. “Just seems like we’ve been here before. I don’t like the feelin’ I’m gettin’.”

“You and your feelings…”

“Have kept us outta trouble more than once, Heyes.”

“So you rather sleep on the ground and eat beans than a steak?”

“I didn’t say that!”

“You said you don’t wanna go to town.”

“I said I have a bad feelin’ about goin’ down that path and that particular town. Do we need supplies?”


“Then I think we should avoid town this time.”

“And I say a game of poker and a bed sound good. I’m going this way.” Heyes tapped his heels into his mare’s side. “You and your feelin’s,” he muttered.

“You know, you never listen to me.” Kid followed reluctantly behind. “Someday you’re gonna regret it. Heyes, are you listenin’ to me?”

A few hours later in the afternoon, they rode tired horses into a town. Curry cautiously glanced around, taking in the people milling around on the streets and the location of the jail.

Heyes rode straight to the saloon and dismounted. “I’m going in for a drink. Are you coming?”

“Yeah, I’m comin’.” Again, the Kid followed his partner hesitantly after tying his horse next to Heyes’ mare at the hitching post..

They quickly down one drink and, after the bartender poured them another, sat at a table in the corner by the back door.

“What are you so nervous about,” asked Heyes.

“Why aren’t you bein’ more careful?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Heyes answered a few minutes later. “Guess I’m tired of always looking behind my back. Just for once I want to ride into a town and not try to figure out if we know the sheriff or not.”

“I just have a bad feelin’ about this town. I’d rather we leave now that we had a drink.”

“And I’d rather stay. Why don’t you order us something to eat while I check out the poker tables.”

Heyes got up and started walking towards the gaming tables when he abruptly turned and hurriedly sat down again. “Kid, is that who I think it is that just walked in?”

Curry, keeping a low profile, glanced over. “Damn it, Heyes!” he hissed. “I told you I had a bad feelin’. Yep, that Deputy Wade Sawyer from Kingsbury.”

“Didn’t we last see him in Bramberg when we got on that train with Bannermen detectives?”

“Yeah. And it looks like he’s a sheriff now from that star on his chest.”

“What’s he doing?”

“He was checkin’ out the poker games and now he’s talkin’ to the bartender.”

“We better get outta here!”

“Now you wanna leave!” Kid said sarcastically. “How do you wanna do this?”

Heyes glanced back at the sheriff. “Out the back door and get the horses.”

“Guess we don’t have a choice.”

They nonchalantly stood up and walked to the back door. Just as they were about to exit, the bartender called out, “Have a nice evening, boys!”

Sheriff Sawyer looked up just in time to see the famous outlaws dash out the door. “Do you know who that is? That’s Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry! Men, who’s with me? Let’s get them!”

The men in the saloon looked around, but no one volunteered to ride in a hastily put together posse.

“They’re worth $10,000 a piece, dead or alive!” the sheriff shouted exasperated.

All the men jumped up and headed to the door.

“Let’s get ‘em!”
“Dang, that was really Heyes and the Kid?”

The delay in getting a posse together gave Heyes and Kid several minutes of time to get their horses and gallop out of town.

“Gonna be dark soon and we don’t know the area,” Kid shouted.

“I know that!”

They continued to push their tired mounts, but the fresh horses of the posse were quickly catching up. Bullets were whizzing by them. One hit the Kid’s hat and took it off his head. Another hit Heyes’ hat in the front crown.

“Heyes…” Kid shouted. “Horses are done and bullets are flyin’!”

“I know.”

Curry heard the frustration and resignation in Heyes’ voice. Looking ahead, he saw a crevice in the rock, just beyond a curve. “There.” He pointed. “It’s our only chance.”

Heyes nodded and they jumped from their mounts. Hitting them on the rumps, the horses continued while Heyes and Kid ran and hid in the narrow crevice.

The posse flew by them continuing to chase the horses.

“That was too close!”

“Yeah, and you know me a new hat. I lost mine because of you not listenin’ to me.”

* < > * < > *

“So Heyes bought me a new hat in the next town,” Kid finished the story.

“How come you didn’t buy yourself a new hat, Heyes?” asked Wheat.

“Don’t matter,” mumbled Heyes.

Curry looked puzzled. “Yeah, Heyes, how come you didn’t? Got a good-size hole in the crown where the bullet almost got you.”

“As a remembrance…” Again, Heyes barely muttered under his breath.

“As a what?” asked Kyle.

Heyes let out a deep breath. “Okay, I kept my hat with the bullet hole so I remember to listen to Kid next time.”

“Aww…you did?” Kid asked.

“Yes,” Heyes grumbled. “Now will you drop it? Can’t we talk about something else than our hats?”

Kyle smiled. “Sure, Heyes, if that’s what you want.”

* < > * < > *

Several hours later, the conductor went by and announced the next town the train was arriving at.

“Milton, Colorado. Sounds like a good place to part ways, Wheat and Kyle. Think me and the Kid are getting off here.”

“Milton…” Kid repeated. “I don’t know about that Heyes. Maybe we should stay on longer.”

“Longer will be Wyoming. Do you really want to go there?” asked Heyes.

“What happened to listenin’ to me?” Kid pointed to the hole in Heyes’ hat.

Heyes growled, “Don’t push it, Kid.”

“Milton it is then.” Kid grinned.
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