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Dearest Mother,

I have arrived safely in Denver, and will soon be departing for the Hot Springs. You will be pleased to learn that my health is much improved, I breathe more easily, and that I am more comfortable with each passing day. Doctor Humphries prescription to travel west is a grand success.

I hired two most able men as guides, and factotum. Their names are Thaddeus Jones and Joshua Smith, and I can assure you of their high morals and reliability. They are a 'two-for-one' package, so I am not spending more than I would for one guide. I intend to adhere to the allowance...
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Inspired by Buffalo Gals for The Monthly Stanza to Chapter Challenge : October 2013

The dance was over and the dance hall closed. People milled out onto the street, exchanging parting remarks, making plans to meet again,or simply chatting to while away time or complete a conversation. It was a warm evening, and the full moon lit the sky brightly, creating even less incentive to end the fun and return to the routine of daily life.

But good times can't last forever, and eventually the participants left in small groups, pairs or by their lonesome selves, to return to their beds,...
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The First Meeting

The trail was dry and dusty. A lone rider walked his horse slowly on, leaning slightly side to side in a drowsy manner. He missed the company of his partner. His presence would make the time pass faster as he always had something to talk about.

He’d thought about a lot of different topics to pass the time: women, food, drink, cards, food, women, food and food. He’d run out of stuff to muse about. It was dull. He lowered his Stetson to shield his face from the sun.

His partner would have something interesting to say, well maybe not...
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“Nice warm lazy day.” The Kid puffed on a cigar. He put his feet up on the low wooden rail, and gently rocked the wooden chair back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…

Heyes carefully placed his cigar on the rail, and then pulled his pocket watch from his vest. “They’re late.” How odd it was. He looked at his watch while he spoke, yet he could simultaneously see the landscape of where he sat with the Kid. A lovely verdant lawn dropped down in the middle of nowhere, two chairs in the center with the rail to rest their boots upon.

He put the watch back and yawned. “I...
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A large gloplet of salted water welled up in the corner of Hannibal Heyes’ right eye. It latched onto one of his lower eyelashes, three in from the nose side, pooled up, and dribbled down his face.

“It’s, it’s indescribable,” he managed to choke out, “I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s…” and here his voice quavered and wavered out.

“…um unique,” finished the Kid for his partner. “Boys, that’s gotta be just about the most, um, well, the most orange piece of clothing I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank-ee, Kid,” said Kyle proudly. The Devil’s Hole...
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“We could get jobs in town. That livery needs someone to muck out the stables, and the general store wants a boy to sweep the floors, and carry sacks and such.”

“Uh huh, we could. It’d be hard work, though,” Hannibal Heyes grinned at his friend. He stretched, and then reached around his back with one arm to scratch it.

“Well, yeah, but we need the money. We gotta eat, somehow, Heyes.  We haven’t had many full meals since we left Valparaiso,” Jed Curry commented, ruefully.

The two youths walked lazily side by side drifting from the road outside town. It was a crisp,...
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Sorry, everyone, I don’t know how I did it but I accidentally deleted this entire thread.  Instead of asking all the writers to repost their posts, I’ve reposted for everyone. Mea culpa. I apologize.

Originally posted by Max

The April 1st, 2010

Another month another challenge. Here’s a fantastic topic we haven’t ever used our little grey cells on before. Dust off your keyboards, sharpen your wits or your pencils (choose one only), pack up your troubles in an old kit bag and smile,...
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By Duranty
Followed by

It is nighttime. We are in a saloon in a small western town. In front of a small stage with curtains on the side sit a group of children who frequently squeal with laughter. Punch and the Sorcerer are onstage next to a barrel and a crocodile .Various other puppets are on the side of the stage or on the floor.  Rain is punctuated with  occasional bursts of thunder and flashing bolts of lightening.

Hannibal Heyes stands in the back of the saloon holding...
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The Kid got as far as the doorway to the stables when he heard a loud whinny followed by a louder snort, and followed by the following: “Hey, Stupid.”

Curry whirled around. “You’d better not be addressin’ me like that,” he growled. “I may just end up decidin’ to shoot you after all.” His eyes roamed over the stalls and found the occupant that had spoken so rudely to him. He glared at the horse coolly.

The horse coninued,“Naw, you won’t do that. Your friend would never forgive you. Anyway, he told me you had a soft spot for animals you can’t eat, that you like their company...
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The Waiting Room

Kid Curry slumped over his whiskey in yet another shabby saloon, in yet another small town, in the middle of nowhere much.

A saloon gal wandered over to try her luck at getting a little business on a dreary midweek afternoon. One look at the hostility born of utter misery in those blue eyes, scowling out from under a rain-splattered brown brim changed her mind. This was a man who didn't want to talk. Not yet anyhow. Maybe not for a long time.

Kid tapped his glass to order a refill of the whiskey so far removed from being the...
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Beating Oddly

Goober Lewis elbowed his neighbor roughly, spilling beer over the side of his glass. “Looky that, Elmer, that Smith fella, he’s upped his bet. Cain’t wait t’ see how Dwight handles that.”

“Yep,” answered Elmer, “this sure is one excitin’ game. I cain’t remember that we’ve had such knowin’ poker players in town as that there Smith and his friend Jones. It’s a real pleasure t’ watch ‘em.”

The man Goober pointed to as Dwight, rubbed one hand across a grizzly chin, and then tentatively touched the edges of the cards he held. He pulled back his hand in...
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The room was empty. It waited for a new inmate.

Very little light entered through its small high barred window, and not enough of a breeze to circulate the air. The room was tiny, plastered and painted with a whitewash that had grayed over time. The walls were pitted but clean. The ceiling had small holes in it as well, where the plaster had chipped and fallen. The room was dry and it was clean. When occupied, its floors were swept daily. The walls were washed and the floor mopped weekly by the inmate with lye and water. Since it was nearly always occupied it was scrubbed bare. If it...
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