Stories: Alias Smith and Jones
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Stories: Alias Smith and Jones

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Heyes and Kid watch the gold train with the Bannermen pull away. They gave it a quick wave as they set out for parts unknown. After about an hour of riding Kid pulled his horse up short.  Heyes stopped and gave him a look that said “Problem?”

“Heyes we have to go,” Kid said, “you know we do.”

“Why?” Heyes growled.

Kid set his jaw, “I’m going,” he answered and turned his horse towards the west. After riding a few yards he turned back to Heyes, who still hadn’t moved.  “Are you comin’?”

Heyes glared at him but gave his horse a nudge.

The two men rode for several hours then made camp. Early the next morning they were up and on their way again, reaching the sleepy little town about noon. A dog barked a greeting and ran down an ally. When they reached the saloon, Heyes let out a long breath.

“Come on Heyes,” Kid said and dismounted. Heyes sighed as he got down from his horse. They walked into the saloon and stopped to let their eyes adjust to the dim light. They saw two men sitting at a table in the back of the room. Kid put his hand on Heyes’ shoulder and gave it a squeeze, then a push. Heyes walked slowly over to the table. Kid went to the bar.

“Two glasses,” He said looking over his shoulder toward the table, “and another bottle.” He paid the man and followed Heyes.

The two men didn’t seem to notice Heyes and Kid standing there, so intent on the drinks in front of them. Heyes cleared his throat. Wheat and Kyle looked up in shock.

“You came,” Kyle said in awe. Kid gave him a nod.

“Um, we…” Heyes started and was pulled into a bear hug by Wheat. Heyes now shocked returned the hug after a few seconds. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I’m sorry for Jenkins and Clancy.” Wheat released him, taking a step back embarrassed by his emotion.

“Heyes if it weren’t for you and Kid here, “Wheat said. “We’d all be dead.” He took his seat and swallowed his last bit of whiskey.  “Thank you.”

Kyle nodded.

Kid and Heyes sat down and Kid poured them all another round.

“Besides,” Wheat sighed. “It’s my fault. I just couldn’t stay away from that much gold.”

Heyes took a drink and closed his eyes. “Hell Wheat, I would have gone for it, even knowing it was a trap, I would have gone for it.”

Wheat gave Heyes a slight grin. “Yeah, but you would have done it smarter,” he stated.

Heyes returned the grin and chuckled. “You’re right, I would have.”

Kid refilled the glasses and held his up in a toast. “To Jenkins and Clancey, may they rest in peace.”

They clinked glasses and drank.

“So how did you two come to be there?” Kyle asked.

“That Kyle is a long story, “Kid said picking up the bottle and pouring more drinks. “Luckily, Heyes likes telling stories.”

The End
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Re: "Remembering"
Post Sat 24 May 2014, 11:24 am by Penski
Aww... I enjoyed this little lost scene to Wrong Train to Brimstone. Paying respect to their lost comrades in this way was perfect, as was the talk with Wheat and Kyle. I really enjoyed this!


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