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 April 2010

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It takes a Heyes' plan to get them outta trouble when a gal wants the reward along with a romp with the Kid.


Two riders rode into the town of Bittersweet, Colorado, a small town that got its name when the small vein of gold ran out too soon. Located along a mountain creek, it became a midpoint rest between two large towns. There was no sheriff or law in town, making it a perfect place for outlaws to relax and spend their loot. The townsfolk turned a blind eye as long as their “guests” behaved themselves.

Heyes and Curry took their horses to the livery and paid extra for oats and a good rub down of the animals.

“Take good care of ‘em, Frank,” the Kid said as he swung his saddle bag over his shoulder.

Frank spat out a wad of chewing tobacco. “I will…like they were my own.” He pocketed the dollar tip and began removing the saddles and bridles.

The two men walked over to the saloon that also served as a hotel. A separate entrance and the second floor was the hotel for the lady guests who would never be caught dead in a saloon.

“Heyes, I love Bittersweet. The nice folks, the fresh mountain air, the clean beds…”

“Maggie.” Heyes smiled as he nudged his partner.

The Kid grinned back. “And Maggie, too. She’s a special one. Not like the other saloon gals.”

Rolling his eyes, Heyes continued to walk down the main street, playing close attention to the details around him.

Curry also vigilantly checked out the town and the few people walking around. “Yep. I love this town. The poker is good and there’s no law. Food’s not bad and the drinks aren’t watered down too much.”

Heyes shook his head. “You don’t care about any of that. You dragged me over here from Rock Springs for only one reason…”

“Maggie!” the two partners said in unison and then chuckled.

“After you, Don Juan,” Heyes teased as he held the batwing doors open. “She better be here after all this fuss.”

“Don Juan?” the Kid muttered as he walked in, took off his hat and ran his fingers through his hair. Glancing around the room, he saw what his heart, and his groin, desired across the room. He shuddered at the sight of her and sauntered over.

Maggie was a pretty, young thing and fairly new to the business. Her sapphire blue dress hugged her body and accentuated the curves. Curly blonde hair was tied up high on her head. With a tug at the satin ribbon, the long blonde curls would fall over her exposed shoulders.

As Maggie leaned on the piano and listened to a new tune being played, her back was to the door and she didn’t see the partners entering.

The Kid walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. He whispered in her ear, “Hello, sweetheart.”

Maggie smiled and turned into the embrace. “You’re back! I’ve missed you somethin’ fierce.” She tilted her head back, exposing her chest, and waited for his lips.

Curry did not disappoint and pulled her into a long deep kiss, his hands running up and down her back.

Maggie put her arms around his neck and held him tight.

Heyes walked over and whispered in his partner’s ear, “Heard they got rooms upstairs for that.”

The magic of the kiss was broken and the Kid scowled at Heyes while Maggie giggled.

“I’m gonna join that game over there by the door. Not much happenin’ so I’ll be able to keep an eye on things. You go do whatever…” Heyes left the comment open as he smirked.

“Thanks. We’ll be up on the third floor, second door on the right?” Curry looked toward his gal for confirmation and she enthusiastically nodded.

A brief touch and wink to the piano player by Maggie was not noticed by the Kid as he escorted her upstairs.

The door barely closed behind them when Curry had her in a tight embrace again and hungrily searched her mouth with his tongue.

Maggie leaned toward the kiss and gently squeezed his behind. “Hon? Do you really wanna continue at this pace?”

Curry released his embrace. “What’d you have in mind?” he said with a smile.

“Well,” she said as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt. “I was thinkin’ we could take it nice and slow. Really enjoy each other’s bodies. Maybe I could give you a sponge bath…”

“And I could give you a sponge bath…”

“Maybe,” she said with a wink. “How about it? Your partner said he’ll keep an eye on things, whatever that means. You ain’t in a hurry, are you?”

“No…well, there is a slight achin’, but…”

Maggie grinned. “Oh, I can take care of that for you, if you promise to stay longer for more.”

Curry locked the door, untied his holster tie from his thigh, took off his gun belt and hung it on a bed post. “I’m all yours, darlin’!”

Maggie gave a seductive smile and pushed him onto her bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heyes looked at his pocket watch for the second time. It was close to two hours since he’d seen his partner. He looked around the room as the cards were being dealt. The piano player came into the room smirking and sat down to play.

“You can deal me outta this hand. I need some air.” Heyes got up from the table and stretched.

He went outside and leaned against the building taking in the sights of the town. Dusk was giving way to a host of stars. No moon was visible in the sky. Heyes’ sixth sense told him something wasn’t right. Everything appeared okay, but…

“Damn!” Heyes exclaimed as he burst back into the saloon. He ran up the stairs to the third floor and looked around at all the closed doors. What door had the Kid said?

Relying on his memory, Heyes pounded on the second door on the right.

Maggie smiled as she clung to her bed partner a moment longer, delaying him from reaching a gun.

Heyes used his shoulder to open the locked door. “Kid?” he asked as his eyes adjusted to a darkening room.

A gun was pointed at him by his naked partner in bed. “Heyes? What the hell…”

“No time to explain. Get dressed.” Heyes began picking up the scattered clothes on the floor and threw them toward the Kid. “Hurry!”

As Curry holstered his gun, Heyes pulled out his and pointed it toward Maggie.

“What in the blazes are you doin’? Put that away,” the Kid said as he put on his long johns and then his pants. “Dang it, where are my boots?”

“Here.” Heyes threw him one boot and then the other. He looked out the window and saw a group of six horsemen galloping into town and dismounting in front of the saloon.

“Just grab your shirt and gun. There ain’t anymore time. I’ve got your hat. Out the window.”

“But it’s three floors…”

“And there’s six men with guns coming up the stairs, thanks to Maggie.” Heyes opened the window and started climbing out onto a ledge.

“Maggie?” The Kid looked at her puzzled. “But…”

“Would you get out here!” Heyes hissed.

Maggie shrugged her bare shoulders as she held the sheet up to cover her nakedness.

The Kid glared. “Why you little…”


Hearing men coming up the stairs, the Kid quickly climbed out of the window. “Where we goin’?” he whispered when he joined Heyes on the edge.

Heyes pointed up.

Six men ran into the room with guns pointed. “Where is he?”

“Someone tipped them off, Sheriff Clitterhouse,” Maggie spat. “They just went out the window. If you hurry, you should be able to get ‘em. And don’t forget I get some of that reward money!”

The sheriff and his men ran down the stairs. “You two get to the livery. You two go out the back. You two go out the front,” the sheriff shouted out orders as they neared the bottom of the steps. “Don’t let them escape!”

Heyes and the Kid hopped from the hotel to the mercantile roof. From their vantage point, they watched the sheriff and his men tear the town apart looking for them.

“Their horses are still in the livery!” shouted one of the men.

“Where is the hell did they go? They couldn’t have gone far without a horse.” Clitterhouse mounted his mare. “Charlie and George, you stay in town. Rest of you, mount up. Keep an eye out for anything.”

“But it’s dark and no moon,” complained one of the deputies.

“I don’t care! I have Heyes and Curry in my grasp; I can just feel it!” The sheriff turned his horse and began to leave town.

“Heyes?” the Kid whispered.



“Piano player. Somehow Maggie told him and he went to the next town to get the sheriff.”

“Why?” The Kid still did not want to think his favorite girl had anything to do with it.

Heyes snorted. “Twenty thousand dollars!”

Curry put his head back against the low wall keeping the outlaws out of sight from the street below. “How could I be so stupid! Sorry!”

“Hey, you don’t have anything to be sorry about. It’s called greed, Kid. It’s why we rob banks and why others want to turn us in.” He gave a rueful sigh. “I’m thinking the greed finally got to Maggie and she couldn’t resist.”

“Guess you’re right.”

“Course I’m right!” Heyes smacked his partner’s leg and then settled down. “May as well get comfortable. We ain’t leaving for awhile.”

“Sure glad you were keepin’ an eye on everything,” the Kid muttered. “Why don’t you sleep while it’s still dark? I’ll take first watch.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, don’t think I can sleep right now anyway.” There was a long pause. “Heyes?”


“No more special gals for me. No soiree!

“Sure, Kid.” Heyes yawned. “Whatever you say.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heyes and Curry lay low on the roof of the mercantile all day. Towards dusk, they saw Sheriff Clitterhouse and his men begrudgingly leave town with no prisoners.

“You owe me, Clitterhouse! I kept my part of the bargain,” Maggie shouted to the sheriff from her window.

An hour later, Heyes and Curry cautiously climbed down from the roof. The Kid headed toward the saloon.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Heyes hissed as he grabbed his arm.

“I’m thirsty bein’ on that roof all day and I want words with Maggie.”

“Oh no you don’t! We’re gonna go to the livery and hopefully get our horse. Then we’re gonna ride outta here.” Heyes glared at his partner with dark menacing eyes.

The Kid thought for a moment. “Okay, we’ll do it your way this time.” He shook off Heyes’ hand, turned from the saloon and headed towards the back of the livery.

They warily entered the stable. “Frank?” Heyes called out.

“There you two are!” Frank grinned as he walked from the small room he live in. “I was wonderin’ when you was comin’ outta hidin’. Got your horses saddled up when that sheriff left, just in case. Had a feelin’ you’d be showin’ up. Filled your canteens with fresh water, too.”

“Appreciate that, Frank.” The Kid handed him a few extra dollars.

“What’s this fer?” the older man asked, puzzled.

“Just a tip. Thanks for your discretion,” Heyes added.

The two mounted their horses and quietly rode through town. As they passed the saloon, Maggie opened her window. “Kid Curry!” she shouted.

He glanced up and tipped his hat. Then he urged his horse into a gallop with his partner right behind him.
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