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Monthly Challenge Stories - ASJ Fan Fiction

February 2009 - No Love Lost
The first story I wrote. Han's and Jed's lives drastically change on a summer day.

March 2009 - Bad Things Happen When We Separate
Han wonders if Jed would be better off without him.

April 2009 - Fool Me Once...
Jed's tired of being Silky's goat one too many times.

May 2009 - A(n)other Hard Lesson
Jed's 17 and Heyes has plans for a fun evening, but even a Heyes' plan can go wrong. This story actually comes before Fool Me Once...

by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 526


Heyes and Kid are frustrated about the delays in amnesty and giving it up until a midnight visitor (is it Clarence... no Grandpa Curry) comes and sets them straight again.

A Midnight Visitor

A couple hurried by the Porterville’s sheriff’s office when they heard loud voices inside.

“Lom, the way I see it, the governor ain’t never gonna grant us that amnesty!” growled Kid Curry.

“Would you keep your voices down! Don’t need the whole town knowing about the secret deal you have with the governor.”
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A Matter of Honor

Lom reminds the governor about a certain matter of honor...

Lom Trevors sat in the ornate waiting room recalling the past few years – some of the worst years of his life. His fall from grace - being “caught” with Heyes and Curry, the humiliation of having his sheriff badge stripped from him, spending time in jail, losing his job at Porterville and the hard work of being a foreman on a ranch. And all because of the man on the other side of the double doors. Johnson may be his boss, but that didn’t mean he had to respect him.
by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 469


Heyes and Kid are being followed as they meet Lom, who takes a fall from grace

Fall from Grace

Mid-morning, Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry reined their horses to a stop at a deserted-looking cabin. Another horse was grazing by the trees.

“Looks like Lom’s here already,” Kid said as he dismounted.

“Maybe he’ll have news for us.”

“I doubt it,” mumbled Curry as he carefully looked behind them and listened.

“Still have the feeling we’re being followed? We haven’t seen any evidence...
by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 468

Authentic Experience

A little boy finds out that the authentic experience of a train robbery ain't nothing like what the dime novels says.

Mr. and Mrs. Adams smiled at each other as they watched their son pressing his nose against the glass, watching the scenery fly by.

“Hey, it’s gettin’ hillier now and we just crossed a river,” their ten-old year boy gave them detailed account of what was going on.

“Well, son, Denver is in the mountains and St Louis is in the Great Plains.” Mr. Adams picked up a newspaper.

by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 432

Denver is a likeable town...

After 15 years in the Wyoming Territorial Prison, Heyes and Curry decide Denver is a likeable town...

Spring 1903


Heyes quickly closed the book, took his glasses off, and stood at attention as the guard unlocked his cell. As the door swung open, he grabbed the uniform’s cap, placed it on his head and waited for instructions. He knew the drill well – almost fifteen years of the same routine.

“Follow me, Heyes,” the guard informed him and then, as a second thought, “And grab your...
by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 513


Heyes learns there are consequences to his actions... follows Calling the Bluff.

After my bluffing challenge, many asked why the boys left the Browns after Han’s first attempt of robbing. Well, Consequences seemed like a good enough place to finish that story.

“FIRE! FIRE!” Margie Brown shouted as loud as she could when she saw their supply shed burning. “FIRE!” She ran with a bucket of water to the building, took off her apron and soaked it, and hit at the jumping flames.

by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 477

Hopping Train

Jed finds out that hopping trains is not for the faint of heart - takes place after the Starter Paragraph challenge.

(A continuation of my challenge, Starter Paragraph, on June 2009, when Heyes and Jed separate)

The day after Heyes left to join Jim Plummer’s gang, Jed headed southeast since he knew Heyes and his new friend, Jimmy, headed north. He stopped at every ranch and town along the way asking for a job, but didn’t get anywhere. No one wanted to hire a kid to do a man’s job.
by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 476

Calling the Bluff

A desperate Han goes to extreme measure to care for himself and his younger cousin

Two young teenage boys walked down the road to Deerfield. Their pants were too short, their hair too long, and they carried their belongings in a makeshift knapsack. They were barefoot with worn shoes tied together and slung over their shoulders.

“We almost there, Han?” asked the youngest, a curly blond with bright blue eyes.

Han, with dark hair and warm brown eyes, turned around to his dawdling cousin. “Think so, Jed....
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Why did Kid get a new hat and why didn't Heyes?

Wheat, Kyle, Heyes and the Kid boarded the train in Red Rock, Montana, anxious to get far from the forgiving judge before he changed his mind and arrested them.

“Wonder why Silky’s so upset. The plan worked,” Heyes mumbled as they walked in the car.

“Maybe the bein’ in jail. That wasn’t part of the plan.”

“Yeah, that was the fool-proof part of the plan. Can’t figure what went wrong.” Heyes furrowed his brow.

“Are you gonna sit by us?” Kyle asked...
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Someone in the Devil's Hole Gang had a secret life. Can you guess who?

Heyes and Kid Curry walked into the El Dorado saloon full of elation from another successful job. El Dorado was one of those small towns with no sheriff that they felt at ease celebrating and relaxing with a few comforts, poker games, and women. But that didn’t stop the Kid from glancing around the room to make certain all appeared safe.

Seeing a man at the bar, Curry nudged Heyes and directed him where to look with a nod of his head.

Heyes glanced...
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Heyes gets an invitation to join Big Jim Santana and his gang.

Joining the Devil’s Hole Gang

A young Hannibal Heyes watched the poker tables in the saloon waiting for a chance to play. He only had a few dollars left and was hungry. His horse was tied to the hitching rail outside instead of stabled at the livery because Heyes only had a few dollars left. Since Jim Plummer took off with all the money in the last robbery—money Heyes had gotten out of the safe by manipulating the tumblers—Heyes left that gang...
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Governor Warren is about to leave office and cleaning up loose ends. Is one of those "loose ends" an amnesty?

A Resolution

November 30, 1890
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Governor Warren yawned as he took out his pocket watch and checked the time. 11:00 p.m. No wonder he was exhausted. “Mr. Becker,” he called for his secretary outside the door, “is there anything else I need to sign in my last hour as governor?”

A middle-aged man with a receding hairline came to the desk. “No, sir....
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A bounty hunter is after Heyes and Curry. So why are they taking the time to make snowmen?

“Are you sure it’s the Larson brothers?” Kid asked as Heyes looked through the binoculars.

Focusing in on the pair of men who had gotten off their horses and checking the tracks in the snow, Heyes replied, “Yep, it’s them all right.”

“Damn, we would have them on our trail when there nothin’ for miles.”

“They’re not known to take prisoners, either.”

“So what’s your plan to get us outta this mess?”...
by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 407


Running from a posse, one of the horses turns lame. Will they escape?

The dark bay gelding and chestnut mare were blowing heavily from the exertion of reaching the top of the ridge. Their flanks heaved from the run, lather covered their necks and they wereat the point of exhaustion. The riders were not much better—trail worn and starving. From their elevated vantage point, they could see the relentless posse in a tight-knit circle with gesturing and head shaking among them.

"Think they’re givin’ up?" Curry asked...
by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 400

A Dark and Stormy Night...

Heyes and the Kid are in the Sierra and encounter a beast!

It was a dark and stormy night…

“Gotta stay quiet, Heyes,” Kid whispered as he stealthy walked through the mountains.

“But…” A glare stopped him from continuing as he followed his partner.

Curry raised his rifle … KABOOM…

“Did you get it?” Heyes craned his neck from behind to see.

“Heyes, that’s the last time you’re goin’ huntin’ with me! Yeah, I got it, but no thanks to you and your talkin’.”...
by Penski - Comments: 0 - Views: 462

Murphy's Law of Combat

Using Murphy's Law of Combat, the Devil's Hole Gang escapes from a posse.

"Murphy's Laws of Combat"

If the bad guys are in range, so are you.

Try to look unimportant, they may be low on ammo.

Professionals are predictable, it's the amateurs that are dangerous.

The bad guys invariably attack on one of two occasions: When you're ready for them. And, when you're not ready for them.

Don't draw fire, it irritates the...
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Dead Ringer

Kid Curry is dead! Heyes and Lom go to identify the body and, yep, if it's not the Kid, it's a dead ringer for him.

Heyes entered a café for a leisure breakfast in the town of Columbia and sat down. A waitress came over, poured him a cup of coffee and took his order. “Can I see that paper over there?” He pointed to a newspaper on a vacant table.

The young brunette looked in the direction. “Oh sure. Mr. Adams comes in early and reads the paper while he drinks his coffee. Usually leaves it for others to read.” She went to the...
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Almost...Since Our Child

Clementine Hale tells how she got to know Heyes and the Kid...and how the famous picture was taken.

Close…when we were kids


Clementine Hale answered the door. “Yes?”

“Miss Hale? Miss Clementine Hale?”


“Paul Harris with the Rocky Mountain News.”

“Oh, Mr. Harris, please do come in. We do have an appointment, don’t we?”

“Yes ma’am. One o’clock sharp, if I’m not mistaken. I’m very curious to talk about your...
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Bad Thing Happened to Us in Wichita

When guessing who is Harry might be, Heyes asks if they know him from a bad thing that happened to them in Wichita. Kid remembers what happened.

The Kid Remembers Wichita

Me and Heyes should’ve know it was too good to be true. To be honest, I had to talk Heyes into the job, but two pretty gals, especially that Lorraine, on a ranch seemed like a good thing at the time. And we sure enjoyed watchin’ ‘em coolin’ off in the water…so much we let down our guard.

We realized that...
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Heyes and the Kid are near Virginia City when they come across a hurt Little Joe. Will Ben Cartwright turn them in?

Two drifters rode into Virginia City and inconspicuously scanned the businesses and people on Main Street.

“Thaddeus, you know a Sheriff Roy Coffee?” asked the stranger with the black hat.

The other grinned. “Nope. Livery or a drink, Joshua?”

“I hate to say it, but I’m very thirsty. Let’s head for the saloon first.”

The two former outlaws rode up to the nearest saloon and dismounted....
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It takes a Heyes' plan to get them outta trouble when a gal wants the reward along with a romp with the Kid.


Two riders rode into the town of Bittersweet, Colorado, a small town that got its name when the small vein of gold ran out too soon. Located along a mountain creek, it became a midpoint rest between two large towns. There was no sheriff or law in town, making it a perfect place for outlaws to relax and spend their loot. The townsfolk turned a blind eye as long as their “guests” behaved themselves.
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Telling Tales

The gang is telling tales around the campfire wondering if their leader was coming back

Telling Tales -

Kid Curry leaned on a boulder, with his arms folded in front of him, staring into the darkness. Heyes should have been here yesterday. Where was he? Did the posse get him? Bullets were flying on both sides. Maybe he’s lying somewhere wounded or… The Kid couldn’t think about that. He would know if his partner was…wouldn’t he?

The rest of the Devil’s Hole gang huddled around a fire trying to...
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"I Fold" Starter Paragraph

What would make Heyes fold with a royal flush in his hands and a $25,000 pot?

From beneath the brim of the silver-trimmed, black hat, dark eyes rested on the $25,000 pot. The player’s shrewd gaze moved to his cards. A royal flush. And, yup, flushes were being played; he’d checked. With a rueful, dimpled smile, he took the only choice he had.

“I fold.”

Jim Plummer grinned as he put his hand on the table. “Three of a kind…I win!” he exclaimed...
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A bit from a longer story I'm writing called The Storm. Monthly Challenge Stories - ASJ Fan Fiction
A deputy recognizes Heyes & Kid, tempting the farmer to turn them in. But an injured Heyes wrestles with his own thoughts.

The Storm - Temptation

“Floyd, we got company.” Kid Curry pulled out his gun as he watched the approaching stranger riding towards the homestead through the broken window.

Floyd pulled himself into a sitting position on the bed, holding his chest with his left arm to...
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Glad Tidings

Han and Jed are on their own when Jed gets sick. Han's asked to do something he doesn't want to do, but blessings happen from it.

Glad Tidings

Han looked around the Main Street of Granada, Colorado for any prying eyes before darting into a dark alley. “Jed,” he whispered as loud as he dared making his way further into the darkness. “Jed…where are ya?”

A deep cough behind a barrel answered his question. Han made his way to the sound and glanced around the container. Huddled in the corner was his...
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Counting Blessings

Heyes is looking for Jed, but what he finds is trouble. Thank goodness blessings come in the form of his cousin, Kid Curry

Counting Blessings -

“Three kings!” the straight-haired blond with light blue eyes reached over to pull the pot towards him.

Heyes reached out and put a hand on the man’s arm. “Not so fast.” He put his cards down on the table for all to see and smiled. “Full house…I win.” Heyes raked the jackpot money towards the mounting pile in front of him.

The blond...
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Thoughts of Jed haunt Heyes.

Thoughts of Jed

Click. The second tumbler fell into place and Heyes sighed as he made a mental note of what the number was. He could feel Big Jim Santana’s eyes boring into his back. He knew it was taking longer than normal to open this safe and that his time was almost up. He started back to the first number…then to the second number…then slowly around the wheel while listening for the third tumbler to open.

George walked up to the railcar and peered inside. “What’s...
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As the old Proverb says...

Thieves steal from thieves? Heyes learns a valuable lesson.

There ain’t no honor among thieves...

Click. The last tumbler fell into place and Heyes smiled at he heard the music to his ears. He pulled down on the safe’s lever and swung the door wide open.

“Well, it took you long enough,” Plummer said as he walked from the railcar’s door to the safe with a carpet bag and started depositing the money inside.

“That didn’t take no time at all,” Heyes defended himself. “About...
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Stand Off

Jed has a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad 19th birthday.

Jed’s 19th Birthday or A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Birthday

Jed rode into Dry Creek on his chestnut mustang in the early afternoon. He glanced around at the buildings as he meandered through the main street to the only saloon. It may as well have been a nameless town, as far as he was concerned. It looked just like the town he left, which looked like the town before that. He was alone in the world and wandering aimlessly. He wore his...
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Heyes and Jed are independent...of each other.


I was so mad and frustrated with Jed when I walked out and slammed the door. I wanted to flatten him, sling him over his horse and force him to come with me. I did make a promise at his folks’ grave to watch his back and take care of him. And I did look after him for eight years. Not that I minded it. He’s pretty easy-going, smart, and followed my lead. But I can’t expect to be held to that promise forever, can I? He’s seventeen, now; practically a man....
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Starter Paragraph

Heyes and Jed are on their own again, but struggle with life and each other.

Kid Curry slumped over his whisky in yet another shabby saloon, in yet another small town, in the middle of nowhere much.

A saloon gal wandered over to try her luck at getting a little business on a dreary midweek afternoon. One look at the hostility born of utter misery in those blue eyes, scowling out from under a rain-splattered brown brim changed her mind. This was a man who didn't want to talk. Not yet anyhow. Maybe...
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A(n)other Hard Lesson

Jed's 17 and Heyes has plans for a fun evening, but even a Heyes' plan can go wrong. This story actually comes before Fool Me Once...

Jed’s 17th Birthday

Jed slowly stretched in bed and opened his eyes to see the sunlight streaming in, and smiled as he remembered it was his birthday. He was finally seventeen.

“Mornin’, sleepyhead,” his cousin Heyes said, as he threw a pillow at him. “It’s about time you woke up.” He was already dressed and pulling on his boots.

Jed yawned and...
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“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Jed's tired of being Silky's goat one too many times.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! The gun discharged in rapid succession and was then twirled back into the holster.

Heyes leaned against a tree with his arms folded across his chest watching his cousin. “Thought I’d find you here.”

“Go away, Heyes!” snapped Jed as he set up the cans on the tree trunk again. He walked further away from his last shooting position, took a stance, and the gun seemed to fly...
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Bad Things Happen When We Separate

Han wonders if Jed would be better off without him.

Han left the headmaster’s office slowly with his head down and coughing as hard as he could muster. “Go straight to the infirmary . . . don’t need anymore sick . . .” he heard as he closed the door.

Once he reached the hallway, he darted into the boys’ dormitory hollering, “Jed! Jed! I’m back!”

When he reached their bunk, he found both mattresses folded in half waiting for new occupants. Han froze, not knowing what to say or think. “Jed?”...
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No Love Lost

The first story I wrote. Han's and Jed's lives drastically change on a summer day.

Miss Maggie Stevens recently moved to Pleasant Grove, a small town near Lawrence, Kansas, taking a position as the teacher of the one room school. She was young, enthusiastic, and very pretty with a smile that lit up her eyes. Her loving family had instilled a love of learning that she hoped to pass on to her students. Miss Stevens motivated her students to learn and encouraged questions of all kinds – there was no such thing as a dumb question. Her...
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