Stories: Alias Smith and Jones
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Stories: Alias Smith and Jones

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 Virtual Season 2014

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PostVirtual Season 2014

Welcome to Virtual Season 2014

Virtual Season 2014 Riding12

Ships of the Desert by Inside Outlaw
Heyes and Curry are robbed and left in the desert, again?  Well, they're not going to walk out of it this time!

Freedom of the Press by Ty Pender
Someone is bribing the good folks of Saddle Creek and all strangers are suspected.  Can Heyes and Curry figure out who is the real culprit?

Going Through the Motions by Maz McCoy
When gold panning proves nonproductive, Heyes and Curry are forced to explore other avenues.

The Briscoe Agency by RosieAnnie
Harry Briscoe is looking for a few good men...and a couple pretty good bad men too.

Day They Kidnapped Curry - Part 1 by Penski and Friends
In all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone...until now.  Has Kid Curry taken a wrong turn on the road to amnesty?  Can Hannibal Heyes find his missing partner before it's too late?

Day They Kidnapped Curry - Part 2 by Penski and Friends
With his partner missing and all hope of amnesty gone, will Hannibal Heyes return to a life of crime?

What's in the Box? by Calico
Hired to escort a mysterious package, Heyes and Curry endure a tedious cross-country journey accompanied by a curious young man named Artie.

Last Stand by Hanna Heyes
Blue Hole Springs.  Will the quick stopover town become the final stop on Heyes' and Curry's trail to prison?  Or will it become their final resting place?

What Comes Around Goes Around by Inside Outlaw
The polar vortex of 2014 had nothing on this winter of Heyes' and Curry's discontent.

A Sleight Case of Heist by Ty Pender
Question:  What do you get when you combine an old rancher and his moonshiner sons with a handful of Indians and two reforming outlaws?  Answer:  A Sleight Case of Heist - by Ty Pender.

Hannibal Heyes' Hat by Allegra
Hats off to writer, Allegra, who really pulled a rabbit out of her hat with this VS episode!  It's a mighty good tale, and I ain't just talkin' through my hat!  

Spoilt for Choice by Calico
When Big Mac’s other nephew needs help fending off the Mayor’s daughter – our boys decide the one thing missing is their best gal.  But if only one thing was missing – how did they end up spoilt for choice?

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone.
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Virtual Season 2014

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