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Devil's Hole

It was just one of those fortuitous twists of fate that put Wayne Cook in possession of information that might be worth something a little further down the road.  He had been out hunting game in the wooded area just north of Devil's Hole when his horse had quite suddenly pulled up and refused to go a step further.
Wayne had put pressure around the animal's barrel but it did no good; the horse reared and went in every direction but forward.  Unbeknownst to Wayne the sensitive olfactory ability of the horse had let it know that a cougar had crossed the path that...
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Ready or Not

“Discussin’ a plan?” snorted Gus derisively.  “I thought we was raisin’ a posse.  We need fast horses, not a plan.”
Heyes’ eyes immediately went flat and he looked at Lom.  “Much as I hate to say it; the man’s right, Lom, we don’t need a plan.”
“Now, Heyes…,” protested Lom, but he quickly gave up.  He could see that he wasn’t going to get any plan details from his friend while Gus and his boys were looking on.
“What I want to know is how come you and the Kid are sidin’ with the law on this?” asked Wes, leaning forward into the conversation.
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Common Interests By Keays and InsideOutlaw

Allie rolled over onto her back.  She could tell by the light in the room that she had slept far later than was normal for her.  Where were the children?  Usually mornings were frantic, joyful affairs with wriggling children, yapping puppies, hissing kittens in a tangle of bedclothes.   Scott must’ve kept the children quiet to let her sleep.  They had stayed up very late last night talking.  Not fighting.  No, that wasn’t Scott’s way.  He seldom lost his temper although she’d known he was furious last night by his tight-lipped refusal...
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Familiar Territory

 Wayne and Jack were a couple of new hires with the Devil's Hole gang and were still being tested as to their reliability before being included in any of the jobs.  They'd still get a cut from any loot that was taken, just not as much as the fellas who actually risked their necks to get it.  This was fine with the two newbie's, as they were both relatively young and knew they had to pay their dues just like with anything else.

 They alternated, taking turns at look-out when the rest of the gang was off doing a job, and Jack had ridden up to take over...
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Loose Ends
 Jed sat quietly in the cafe, drinking coffee while he casually browsed through the local paper.  He'd helped himself to a full course breakfast and was just letting things settle until he meandered back to the hotel to see if his companions had decided to wake up yet.
  He'd been at the saloon playing small stakes poker until about 1:00 a.m. and then having won his fair share of the pots over the evening had decided to call it a night and get to bed himself.  Once upon a time he would have looked forward to spending the rest of the night with some local...
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Joe stopped outside the hotel room door and quietly removed his boots.  Holding them pinched together in his left hand, he used his other hand to open the door.  He didn’t want to wake Curry clomping around the room.  It was nearly two in the morning and he was sure Jed had been asleep for hours.
His long evening of making the rounds had produced nothing but the blisters on his feet and a sour stomach from too much beer and cheap whiskey.  He’d been in nearly every saloon in Cheyenne, and there were a lot of them, but he hadn’t managed to turn up any information...
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Montana 1892

Jed licked the envelope and sealed it shut, handing it to the postal clerk.  Heyes had waited impatiently while he wrote a long, loving missive to Beth before enclosing the crude sketch of Karma’s tampered brand.  “How long is that gonna take to get to where it’s going?” asked his dark-haired partner.
The clerk adjusted his thick glasses, peered down at a chart, harrumphed, and said, “Hmm, looks like a week or two.” 
“A week or two?  That’s ridiculous!  I could walk to Brookswood faster...
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  “C'mon Heyes,” Jed chided his partner.  “You’ve been sittin' out here all morning.  The northbound is due in a couple of hours—we gotta get ready.”
  “I am ready,” Heyes responded though he didn't take his eyes off the horizon.
  Jed stood for a moment, let loose a quiet sigh and returned to the front room.
  “Is he coming?”  Joe asked as he stuffed a shirt into his saddlebags.  He cringed as his left hand got in the way.  “Ouch!  Goddammit!  Oh, sorry, Mrs. Trevors.”
  Martha smiled as she handed out wrapped sandwiches...
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Changing Hands
 Colorado 1881

  It was the crickets that woke her.  She had fallen asleep stretched out in the tall, dewy meadow grass lulled by the susurration of the tiny insects.  It was quiet.  Dead quiet and nearly dawn.  The darkness still clung to the night, but off to the east was the rosy red glow of morning.  Karma lifted her silky neck, pricked her ears, and listened but heard nothing.  She peered through the gloomy dawn, but saw nothing.  Laying her head back down; the dried pasture grass tickled her nose. 

Eventually, she began to...
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“I don't understand why we have to ride all the way to Montana,” Joe mumbled again for the umpteenth time. “It's going to take us all summer just to get there.”

Heyes sighed with theatrical frustration. “Like I told ya' before; I wanted to bring Karma with us in case somebody along the way recognizes her. She does tend to stay in one's memory you know.”

“Yes I know, but....”

“Just trust me, alright,” Heyes threw back at the young deputy. “We know what we're going.”

“I'm not saying you don't know what you're...
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Brookswood, Colorado
Early Spring - 1892

  “Wake up, Sleepy-head!”


  “Come on!  Daylight's wasting.  You have things to do.”

  “Mmm hmmm.”

  A gentle movement on the bed beside him was followed by a lovely feminine scent and long hair tickling him.  She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and he smiled sleepily, relishing her warm, first thing in the morning essence.

  “Come on, get up.”  She persisted, giving him a gentle shake.  “I'll...
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