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This story begins a few weeks or some other undefined period of time after Cal's What a Man's Gotta Do (A Fair Day's Work). Heyes is still pretty sore after being cheated out of his poker winnings by Marsden and his men. If you want to know why he’s so sore, well, go back and read Cal’s story. You’ll be glad that you did!

“Dear Mister Marsden,” the lady said in a confidential tone, leaning towards the man sitting opposite her, “you heard...
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This is a story of Heyes and Curry at the Valparaiso Home for Waywards.

Jupiter Snodgrass waited deferentially in front of the superintendent’s desk for a reply. While he waited, he studied the superintendent. The man never ceased to fascinate him. He was a cadaverous man, lean and gaunt with high sunken cheekbones, long limbs and long thin spidery fingers. Jupiter watched those fingers twining and entwining around each other while their owner was preoccupied in thought.

Finally, Superintendent McDermott gave his response.

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A popular game played on the ASJ Collection website message board called Quipable Kid, Noteworthy Heyes, or something close to that, inspired this story. The idea is to post a quote from one of the boys. The next person posts which character said the quote, what episode it is from and posts the next quote. As you can see this is a real test of one’s memory. Incredible as it may seem, I’never played this game. That doesn’t mean my memory is lousy, it just means that, well, it means I never played that game. But, it occurred to me that people may get the wrong idea and think...
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This story picks up where “The Mrs. Loretta” ends.

Kid, I’ve told you there’s all sorts of reasons to read literature. And speaking of books, I’ve been thinking about that “Walden” book by Thoreau and I’ve got an idea.”
“Well if it’s as good as the idea from that Lysistrata thing I’ll give it some consideration.”
“Kid it’s even better. How many times have we been chased out of towns in the last couple of years?”
“Heyes, you don’t need to ask me that. Too many times.”
“Right. So all we gotta do is what this Thoreau fella did. He lived in...
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General Stories Horses10 I decided to write a crossover story, which you may or may not know, and may or may not care, is generally a deft merging of two television series. I wanted to stick with a Western show for my first crossover story because I don’t think I could  produce as successful a result if I used, say, a science fiction story.   When I couldn’t come up with a Western that hadn’t already...
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General Stories Asj110

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

The following is a parody and not really a story. This means it’s even sillier than the usual stuff I write. I’d like to point out that I like the serious ASJ fanfic. I like hurt/comfort...
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General Stories Variol11

Worn out by a rough journey across the desert, Heyes becomes ill.

The sun was at its zenith. Crossing the desert had become nearly unbearable; the combination of the heat and the unending sameness...
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General Stories Jail1110

The arrest of Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry is a most exciting event in a small town. Heyes comes up with an inventive plan to escape jail.

On returning to the jail they found Mrs. Harrison still present, and not only present but as commander, ordering...
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General Stories Jail1110

The arrest of Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry is a most exciting event in a small town. Heyes comes up with an inventive plan to escape jail.

Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes left their hotel room to brave the increasingly chilly streets of Kokomo...
by CD Roberts - Comments: 0 - Views: 1337
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