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Stories: Alias Smith and Jones

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 The Complete Episode Listing

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PostSubject: The Complete Episode Listing   The Complete Episode Listing Icon_minitimeSun 22 Mar 2015, 1:52 pm

Stories Prior to 2008

Virtual Season 3 Episodes (2004/2005)

3.1  Double Jeopardy by JoAnn Baker
Heyes and Curry ride into a small California town where Heyes is immediately recognized -- as the son of a wealthy railroad baron.

3.2  This Cell Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us by Leah Anders
It’s up to Curry and Kyle to save the day when Heyes tries to help the Devil’s Hole Gang.

3.3  Never Get Involved in Another Man's Feud by Dusty Boots
Heyes and Curry get involved in an unusual feud.

3.4  Ask for Whom the Bell Tolls by Kate Ashe
When a young man wants to leave the farm, Thaddeus Jones finds he’s unable to leave town!

3.5  Uncle Mac by Drena Hills
Heyes and Curry return to help Big Mac only to have Curry kidnapped while posing as McCreedy's nephew.

3.6  If You Can't Trust a Lawman, Who Can You Trust? by Leah Anders
Thanksgiving Day takes on new meaning when the two outlaws try to conceal their identities with a little help from an unlikely ally.

3.7  Quarantine by JoAnn Baker and Dusty Boots
Heyes and Curry are stuck in a small town under quarantine.

3.8  A Question of Loyalty by Sally Wheaton
When Heyes and Curry meet up with an old friend, loyalty is the last thing on his mind.

3.9  The View From Knightsgate by Susanna Leslie
While resting up between jobs, Heyes loses his heart to a beautiful business woman and Curry meets his drawing equal.

3.10  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Drena Hills
Heyes and Curry come to the rescue when the railroad moves to evict families at Christmas.

3.11  Hell and High Water: Part One - Hell by Kate Ashe
When Heyes fails to arrive and keep their rendezvous, Kid Curry is torn between waiting and searching.

3.12  Hell and High Water: Part Two - High Water by Kate Ashe
Retribution is a dish best served - hot or cold!

3.13  The Search for J. Wesley by Sally Wheaton
When Heyes sees trouble where there isn’t any, it leads Curry into a dangerous gunfight.

3.14  Playing for Keeps by Leah Anders
There’s a lot more at stake than just money in this poker game. Will Heyes and Curry end up the big losers?

3.15  You Don't Bring Me Diamonds by Sally Wheaton
Heyes and Curry unwittingly become involved with a diamond.

3.16  A Difficult Delivery by Kate Ashe
When Curry persuades Heyes to undertake a delivery job, they get a good deal more than they bargained for!

3.17  The End of the Road? by Sally Wheaton
Boxed in and surrounded, Heyes and Curry are in trouble.

3.18  Alias Hannibal Heyes by JoAnn Baker
A strange turn of events has Heyes trying to prove he really is Hannibal Heyes.

3.19  Heroes by Sally Wheaton
When Heyes and Curry do a good deed, the last thing they want is for the whole town to celebrate.

3.20  Forget Me Not by Leah Anders
Heyes and Curry have known each other practically all their lives. When an accident separates them in more than distance, will Kid be able to bring Heyes back to where he belongs?

Virtual Season 4 (2005/2006)

4.1  Every Man Has His Price by Sally Wheaton
Heyes has every reason to be angry when he is turned in to the law - by someone he'd never doubted.

4.2  How I Survived Christmas by Leah Anders
With Christmas right around the corner, Kid becomes ill and fights for his life while Heyes must find out the identity of a mysterious man who appears to be watching them.

4.3  Odds and Ends by JoAnn Baker
Heyes and Curry take jobs in separate towns with very different outcomes.

4.4  The Tracker by Anita Sanchez
A posse is hot on Kid Curry's trail...and Heyes is desperate to find him first.

4.5  Something About the Way You Look by Sally Wheaton
Heyes and Curry are once again held responsible for a bank robbery - or are they?

4.6  Who Didn't by Drena Hills
Curry and Heyes find themselves owners of a stagecoach line that has a deadly effect on its passengers.

4.7  Make No Mistake by moonshadow
When the two plan to meet up in a quiet town, a strange turn of events leads Curry to be accused of an unthinkable murder.

4.8  Did You See What I Saw? by Sally Wheaton
When Heyes and Curry witness a murder, the sheriff expects them to stay in town and testify in court.

4.9  Familiar Faces by Leah Anders
An old adversary shows up when he’s least expected and reveals the true identities of Heyes and Curry with unexpected results..

4.10  Once More Into the Breach by Kate Ashe
The last thing Smith and Jones should do was undertake another job with Abigail Lovern. But, against their better judgement, they do!

4.11  Bleeding Kansas by Anita Sanchez
When Heyes and Kid return to their childhood home of Kansas, they find that confronting the past can be more dangerous than they realized.

4.12  As Safe As Safe Can Be by Sally Wheaton
After completing a delivery job, Heyes and Curry are reluctant to leave town without being paid.

4.13  A Foreign Country by Kate Ashe
On the run and heading for Devil’s Hole, Heyes and Curry appear to have abandoned their quest for amnesty.

Robbery on the Three-ten to Boulder by JoAnn Baker

 Virtual Season 2008/2009 
The Complete Episode Listing Stagec10

A Legal Enterprise by Shenango

Across the West by Anita Sanchez 

Holiday in a Small Town by moonshadow

Luck of the Draw by Lana Coombe and Grace R. Williams

Moguls by Ghislaine Emrys

Revival by CD Roberts

Stop W(h)ining by Calico

The Avalanche by Maz McCoy

The Bad Samaritans By JoAnn Baker 

There's a Little Bad in Everyone by Calico

Waiting by Calico

Wrong Train Too by CD Roberts

 Virtual Season 2009/2010 

The Complete Episode Listing Heyes_11

Cowboys and Indians by Penski

Do the Hustle by Calico

Full Moon Rider by Coronado

Gonna Shoot Me a Sheriff by Maz McCoy

Now We're Even by Penski

Rattled by Ghislaine Emrys

Christmas and New Year's Goodies

The Adventures of Avery Averill by C.D. Roberts

The Hole in the Vault Gang by Shenango

The Pecking Order by Calico

The Prodigal Son by Lana Coombe 

The Resurrectionist by C.D. Roberts 

When You're in a Hole -- Stop Digging by Calico

Virtual Season 2010/2011

The Complete Episode Listing Vs_pic11

January 5, 1971 - Forty years ago today, the Alias Smith & Jones Pilot aired as a mid-season replacement. As a tribute, this year's 'Virtual Season' also began mid-season with a 40th Anniversary Special on January 5, 2011.

Throughout this season, these 'Fan Tribute' Specials will be interspersed amongst the regular story episodes. 

40th Anniversary Special -
The Anniversary Vaults by Calico 

Golden Opportunity by Allegra 

Fate and Fortune by Coronado 

40th Anniversary Special -
Fan Tributes by Grace R. Williams and Allegra 

Grace and Favor by Calico 

The Fifth Suspect by Penski 

Detours by Ghislaine Emrys 

40th Anniversary Special -
Into the West Came Many Men by Penski 

Another Miracle by Calico 

Horses For Courses by Lana Coombe

Diamonds by Coronado and Kwiltn

40th Anniversary Special -
ASJ Trivia Quiz by Ghislaine Emrys 

Trick Shot by Calico 

Customer Service by Nell McKeon 

A String of Bad Luck by Penski 

40th Anniversary Special - Fan Tribute
Early Encounters with Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry by Lana Coombe 

The Battle of Nelson's Creek by Coronado 

The State of Colorado vs. Clementine Hale by Victoria Quynn 

Age Before Duty by CD Roberts 

Virtual Season 2011/2012

The Complete Episode Listing Heyes_14

"Death is not the end of all
Yet just the close of a glorious fall..." 

from the poem, "Life"
by Peter Deuel - age 16

Virtual Season 2011/2012 is dedicated to the memory
of all those members of the Alias Smith & Jones family
who are no longer with us.

Saving the Old JoAnna by Calico 

The Reluctant Posse by Penski 

Turning the Tables by Sarah Whyment
(removed by author's request)

Wrong Train to Porterville by Grace R Williams 

A Rumble in the Jumble by Maz McCoy 

The First National Bank of Fort Worth by Nora Winters 

Playing Both Sides of the Law by Skykomish 

The Authentic Western Experience by Storm Richards 

Shot Off the Press by Victoria Quynn 

The Unusual Suspects by Sarah Whyment
(removed by author's request) 

A Mid-Season Special
A Quiet Night In by Calico 

My Kingdom For a 'Dang' Horse by Allegra 

Guns and Horses by Maz McCoy 

A Grizzly End by Calico 

Delivery Troubles by Skykomish 

Fire on the Mountain by Friscogirl 

The Favor by JoAnn Baker 

Keeping Up Curry: Twenty-Four Forgettable Hours by Storm Richards, Skykomish, and Victoria Quynn 

Traps by Coronado 

Patently True by CD Roberts 

A Horse of a Different Color by Calico  

Virtual Season 2013

The Complete Episode Listing Vs_pag10

Into the West came many men.
Some were good men and some were bad men.
Some were good men with some bad in them.
And some were bad men with some good in them.
These are the stories of two pretty good bad men:
Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry.  

The Toadsuck Ransom by Nora Winters

A Bump in the Road by Sarah Whyment
(removed by author's request)

Oh My Darling by Penski

The Money's All Mine by Hanna Heyes

By Hook or By Crook by CD Roberts

Whiskey Galore by Calico

We Interrupt This Season for Some Commercial Breaks by Ghislaine Emrys

Come Up and See Us Some (Other) Time by Nora Winters

Friends or Foes by Inside Outlaw 

The Subtlety of Witches by Sarah Whyment
(removed by author's request)

Vaulting Ambition by Calico

The Murder of Maggie Green by Penski 

The Temperance Army by Nora Winters 

 Virtual Season 2014 

The Complete Episode Listing Riding12

Ships of the Desert by Inside Outlaw
Heyes and Curry are robbed and left in the desert, again?  Well, they're not going to walk out of it this time!

Freedom of the Press by Ty Pender
Someone is bribing the good folks of Saddle Creek and all strangers are suspected.  Can Heyes and Curry figure out who is the real culprit?

Going Through the Motions by Maz McCoy
When gold panning proves nonproductive, Heyes and Curry are forced to explore other avenues.

The Briscoe Agency by RosieAnnie
Harry Briscoe is looking for a few good men...and a couple pretty good bad men too.

Day They Kidnapped Curry - Part 1 by Penski and Friends
In all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone...until now.  Has Kid Curry taken a wrong turn on the road to amnesty?  Can Hannibal Heyes find his missing partner before it's too late?

Day They Kidnapped Curry - Part 2 by Penski and Friends
With his partner missing and all hope of amnesty gone, will Hannibal Heyes return to a life of crime?

What's in the Box? by Calico
Hired to escort a mysterious package, Heyes and Curry endure a tedious cross-country journey accompanied by a curious young man named Artie. 

Last Stand by Hanna Heyes
Blue Hole Springs.  Will the quick stopover town become the final stop on Heyes' and Curry's trail to prison?  Or will it become their final resting place?

What Comes Around Goes Around by Inside Outlaw
The polar vortex of 2014 had nothing on this winter of Heyes' and Curry's discontent.

A Sleight Case of Heist by Ty Pender
Question:  What do you get when you combine an old rancher and his moonshiner sons with a handful of Indians and two reforming outlaws?  Answer:  A Sleight Case of Heist - by Ty Pender.

Hannibal Heyes' Hat by Allegra
Hats off to writer, Allegra, who really pulled a rabbit out of her hat with this VS episode!  It's a mighty good tale, and I ain't just talkin' through my hat!  

Spoilt for Choice by Calico
When Big Mac’s other nephew needs help fending off the Mayor’s daughter – our boys decide the one thing missing is their best gal.  But if only one thing was missing – how did they end up spoilt for choice?

Virtual Season 2015

The Complete Episode Listing Stagec10

The Importance of Being Ernest - a Calico-McCoy Production
Whether being loquacious or just plain annoyin’, Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry are about to find out The Importance of Being Earnest – A Calico-McCoy Production.

Dustbowl by moonshadow and Ty Pender
Short on cash, as usual, Heyes and Curry jump at the opportunity to accept what promises to be a well-paying and uncomplicated job offer from their old friend, Lom Trevors. However, the pair soon has reason to regret their haste when they discover that the job proves to be anything but simple.

The Accomplice by Penski
Has Kid Curry back-slid into a life of crime?  Has Hannibal Heyes betrayed his partner’s trust?

Faith in Your Friend by Maz McCoy
Kid Curry is in big trouble. Will a little faith in his friend be enough to get him out? Find out in Maz McCoy’s- Faith in your Friend.

Medicine Show by Inside Outlaw
Will hard work, honesty, and clean living win out over con games, pick-pocketing, and snake oil hawkin’? Find out in InsideOutlaw’s – Medicine Show.

A Picture's Worth--Twenty Thousand by Grace R. Williams
The Denver National Bank has been robbed!  Heyes, Curry, and their old friend, Clementine Hale, scramble to reclaim one very special picture.  And in the case of this particular photograph, A Picture's Worth--Twenty Thousand - by Grace R. Williams.

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone.
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PostSubject: Re: The Complete Episode Listing   The Complete Episode Listing Icon_minitimeSun 07 Feb 2021, 6:24 pm

Welcome to
Virtual Season 2016!

The Complete Episode Listing Vs201610

Power of the Press by Maz McCoy
Is the pen mightier than the sword?  Heyes and Curry find out in Maz McCoy's - Power of the Press.

Alias Joshua Smith by Rosie Annie
Will Heyes and Curry find family and fortune?

Water the Chances? Part 1 by moonshadow
What are the chances that things could go Heyes' and Kid's way, just for once, when the pair make plans to enjoy a nice, relaxing visit with their old friend, Jim Stokely?

Mistaken Identity by Penski
A case of mistaken identity becomes even more complicated when Heyes disappears suddenly without a trace and Kid Curry is blackmailed and coerced into a murderous plot.

Fake or Fortune? by MoulinP
What could possibly go wrong guarding a valuable statue for a friend of the governor’s?  Plenty if it’s Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry.

The Cold Hard Truth by Inside Outlaw
Heyes and Kid find themselves stuck in a town in the middle of a blizzard and broke. Forced to take the only jobs available, the pair soon find themselves embroiled in a battle between the townspeople and the Chinese.

Welcome to
Virtual Season 2018!

The Complete Episode Listing 2018_v10

The Sure Thing by Calico  
Does Heyes and the Kid have a gambling addiction?  I bet they do in Calico's The Sure Thing.

Alias Angel by Little Bluestem
Heyes and the Kid have a little bundle to deliver in Little Bluestem's Alias Angel.

The Long Way Home - Part 1 by Inside Outlaw
Heyes and Curry have a new assignment by the governor - get a captured person away from the Indians.  Find out how the assignment goes in "The Long Way Home" by Inside Outlaw.

The Long Way Home - Part 2 by Inside Outlaw
Heyes and Curry have a new assignment by the governor - get a captured person away from the Indians.  The final segment to "The Long Way Home" by Inside Outlaw.

Locked by Nell McKeon
Sheriff Martin Rhitt has two problems. One problem is locked in a box and the other is locked in one of his jail cells.  Can Heyes and Curry solve the sheriff’s problems at the same time as solving their own?

One of Our Deputies is Missing by Maz McCoy
A deputy is missing... and not just any deputy.  Heyes and Curry are given the assignment to find him.  It'll look good with the governor.

What Happened on the Texas, Mexico, Arizona Railroad by Penski
Big Mac and Oscar Harlingen together?  What kind of trouble are the two of them causing Heyes and Curry?  And what did happen on the Texas, Mexico, Arizona Railroad?

Trouble in Cedar Falls - Part 1 by moonshadow
A writer who has journeyed out west in search of “authentic” experiences to provide his readers with a better picture of what the real west is like finds that he must rely upon his new-found friends, Smith and Jones, for help when his Western trip proves to be full of more adventure—and trouble—than he bargained for.

Trouble in Cedar Falls - Part 2 by moonshadow
Hannibal Heyes to the rescue, but will he be in time to save Kid Curry and Nathan Tremayne?

Welcome to
Virtual Season 2020!

The Complete Episode Listing Exit0210

All the World's a Stage by Calico  
A job not too hard on the back and a mystery.  As Heyes says, the show must go on in Calico's All the World's a Stage.  A 90-minute season opener!

Rascals - Part 1 by Nightwalker  
In a desperate attempt to lose a posse determined to capture them, Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry find the perfect hiding place in a cave.  What could go wrong?  Wonderful story from a new Virtual Season writer!

Rascals - Part 2 by Nightwalker  
Heyes and the Kid are trapped inside an abandoned mine with three children after an earthquake seals off their only means of escape.  The Kid took a hard knock on his head, developed amnesia, and thinks he is eight years old again.  Heyes has to come up with a plan that will save them all and help his partner return to his old self.

The Sheriff and Dingus McGee by Penski  
When Heyes and Kid run into a bounty hunter who knows them, can things get any worse for the two?  Yep, they sure can.

A Familiar Face by Inside Outlaw  
While playing poker, Hannibal Heyes is mistaken for an outlaw wanted for murder and Kid Curry is nowhere around to back him up.  Can Heyes talk his way out this time?

The Job by Little Bluestem  
After accepting a job from Colonel Harper, Heyes and Curry find themselves paired up with a bounty hunter determined to track down and bring in one of their old friends. Is it worth risking their amnesty to refuse?

Incident at Hanging Lake Part 1 by moonshadow  
What do a posse, a mysterious stranger, a kidnapping and a mining payroll robbery all have in common?  Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry.

Incident at Hanging Lake Part 2 by moonshadow  
Without Kid Curry to watch his back, will Hannibal Heyes be able to come up with, and pull off, a plan that will save them both?

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west. And in all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anyone.
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The Complete Episode Listing
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